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This month, I’ve rounded up 4 of my top picks of articles to empower entrepreneurs.

This month’s articles are offered to give solopreneurs motivation and resources to become visible in their digital marketing so they can attract their ideal clients.


Getting into the Visibility Mindset as a Female Entrepreneur

For female entrepreneurs, and especially if you’re a coach or running a wellbeing business, getting into the visibility mindset can be a struggle. You know you should be getting yourself out there on social media, but somehow it feels a bit icky.

1. Remember you are the expert
2. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes
3. Use your own voice
4. Don’t be afraid of being you!

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Activating Your Potential for Greatness

Fabienne Fredrickson asks a powerful question for living life with purpose: What if nothing in your life up to now has been a coincidence? What if you have been preparing for this moment all along? In this compelling talk, Fabienne inspires us to embrace the potential for greatness that is already within each of us, and gives a clear pathway to activate that potential, knowing the world will never be the same since you walked this earth.

View the TEDx video by Fabienne Frederickson


3 Ways to Become Visible in Your Business as a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur

There are three ways you can be visible and put yourself out there:

– Through Writing
– Through Audio
– Through Video

and one more:

– Through Speaking.

Read all the details from Nina Andrijanic

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8 Ways to Improve Your Visibility

There are lots of great, budget-smart tactics that will put your business on the fast track–even if you don’t have deep pockets. This article offers a list of eight proven marketing tools and tactics specially created for the budget-conscious entrepreneur.

1. Customer rewards
2. Opt-in e-mail
3. Local paid search
4. Marriage mail
5. Media relations
6. Grass-roots advocacy
7. Marketing partnerships
8. Cinema advertising

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