This month, I’ve rounded up 4 of my top picks of articles to empower entrepreneurs.

This month’s articles are offered to give solopreneurs resources to take control of their personal brand.


10 Powerful Habits for Building a Personal Brand (and Marketing Yourself)

But here’s a secret–building and promoting your own personal brand is just as important for your success and happiness as it is for any business. In fact, since it’s you we’re talking about, it might be even more important.

In her book, Personal Branding and Marketing Yourself, executive coach, trainer, and consultant Rita B. Allen explains that there are 10 habits you should adopt to market yourself while building a more powerful personal brand.

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10 Easy Ways to Start Creating Visibility Around Your Personal Brand

You are starting a new business but your personal brand is nonexistent. What is one thing you can start doing now to create visibility for yourself? Here are 10 steps to create visibility for your new business venture by working on your personal brand.

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7 Easy-to-Fix Mistakes You’re Making With Your Personal Brand

You have so many questions about what to do and how to do it, all the while your peers seem to be easily “enhancing” their own personal brand. Your heart speeds up, you’re overcome with anxiety.

Luckily, there are a few steps we can take to building our personal brand (and hopefully quelling that anxiety). Check out the most common mistakes people make with their personal brand, and learn how to fix them.

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The Recipe for Building an Unforgettable Personal Brand

Bottom line: your brand is the way others perceive you in the marketplace. It separates you from everyone else.

A lot of freelancers and small business owners don’t worry about branding at all. They’re (understandably) busy just trying to market and build relationships with customers. They write off branding as something they’ll tackle later, once they’re in the “big leagues” and making lots of revenue.

Here’s the deal, though. Even if you don’t pay attention to branding, you’ll still be branded by your customers and the marketplace. Ever since you started doing business, people have been perceiving you and coming to their own conclusions.

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