Empowering Entrepreneurs

I’ve rounded up 4 of my top picks this month of articles to empower entrepreneurs.

empowering-etnrepreneurs- how successful people stay calm

How Successful People Stay Calm

  • They appreciate what they have.
  • They avoid asking “what if”.
  • They stay positive.
  • They squash negative self-talk

Read more from Dr. Travis Bradberry on LinkedIn

empowering-etnrepreneurs - habits of satisfied, successful people

Things Really Satisfied People Do

People who live a satisfied life are better equipped to deal with the curves that life puts in their path. They see challenges in business and personal life as adventures and opportunities that help them aspire and accomplish.

  • They are good at making decisions.
  • They understand their limits.
  • They have realistic expectations of others.
  • They give more than they get.

Read more from Kevin Daum on Inc.com

empowering entrepreneurs - habits of truly amazing communicators

5 Habits of Truly Amazing Communicators

When you use your satisfied customers to your advantage, they can help sell your solution, build trust with new leads, open doors to new opportunities, give you meaningful feedback, and point out areas of improvement. This article outlines four things business owners should ask for from every happy customer.

  • Stop Saying “But” and Start Saying “And”.
  • Stick With the Facts.
  • Use Silence as Strategically as You Use Words

Learn more from Lea McLeod on The Muse

empowering entrepreneurs - personality traits seen as intimidating

10 Signs Your Personality May Be Intimidating Others

We live in a world of first impressions. Often, people who don’t even know our names will judge us nonetheless, and on what? In this judgemental world, it’s important to be aware of how you come across to those around you. Often, people who come across as intimidating are viewed as abrasive or rude, making it difficult for people to get to know the kind person behind a seemingly tough exterior. While this can sometimes cause problems, ‘intimidating’ people are often the most caring and attentive once you come to know them for who they are.

Read the 6 most common traits of ‘intimidating’ people from Baraka Mistretta

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