Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
Showing Up As A Yogi, Energy Healer, Light Worker

showing up online as an energy healer- entrepreneur

Kristen Rockford
Sundance Studio
Steamboat Springs, CO

This week’s conversation is with Kristen Rockford of Sundance Studio in Steamboat Springs, CO. ( Kristen and I met through a conversation with a mutual contact who brought up the topic of the struggles that yogis and energy healers have in marketing their gifts to the folks who so desperately need them.

We recognized that many of these heart-centered entrepreneurs are struggling to grow their business & create a strategic online presence that is authentic to their own voice and values.

We see the truth…..If you are a yogi, an energy healer, a lightworker, a creative…..You are a Business Owner. AND Right now, someone is looking for exactly the solution you provide.

Marketing, then, can be an act of love – to offer those who are searching for you an easy way to find you.

But, as energy healers, light workers, creatives – we are often sensitive to not only the energy of the social media platforms but also, we, of all people, need to be protective of our own energy in creating our digital content.

It can feel heavy to not be exactly sure of how to create content the right way….post it effectively….react to the engagement on the platforms.

Kristen was kind enough to invite me to visit her studio to offer a “Digital Marketing Without the Ick” workshop.

During our workshop in March, we will talk about how to create content on sites that answers the questions people are asking. This is how to establish oneself as a thought leader.

Then, we will discuss actionable ways to utilize this content in a number of unique and creative ways to further differentiate the message. And… I’ll have the opportunity to talk about easy ways to measure the results of the efforts so that you can repeat the most effective actions and leave the rest behind.

As Kristen and I discuss in this video, it is so so so important that heart-centered entrepreneurs make the most of their communities/collaborations to amplify their message and to show the other heart-centered entrepreneurs that they have a supportive and aligned community.

As a studio owner, it can be a unique challenge to continue to market event after event, class after class, workshop after workshop. But, when the teachers and leaders within the community pick up the baton and work together to promote the energy and mission of their craft, everybody within the fold will benefit.

I can’t wait to share tips and strategies with the yoga and healing community in Steamboat Springs.

Do you have a community that could benefit from collaborative digital marketing workshop tips and strategies?

I’d love to present in person or via Zoom. Let’s give the healing and energy family a wider platform to support each other and to spread the love.