Stacey Shipman Speaker Coach

It was an honor and ooooh so fun to be a guest on the Engaging Voices podcast with host Stacey Shipman.

Stacey is the founder of Engage the Room where her mission is to work with purpose-driven leaders and business owners – who are used to working behind the scenes – the tools and support they need to get their message across more powerfully in all types of business settings.

Stacey got me thinking when she asked me about when I was a kid, what I’d wanted to be when I grew up. It never occurred to me that my love of science, of puzzles, of ‘figuring things out” would have informed the work I do now.

In this podcast, we talked about the ways heart-centered entrepreneurs can protect your energy while showing up authentically online to attract as many clients as your business can handle.

engaging voices with stacey shipman

We talk about…

  • What Susan wanted to be when she grew up (1:30)
  • How she started Rise Above Noise (8:40)
  • What makes someone “heart-centered” (10:50)
  • On practicing what you preach and how Susan manages her own social media presence (13:30)
  • How her work today is all about “figuring things out” (17:27)
  • Using social media for business and digital minimalism (21:10)
  • Biggest challenges starting her business (26:05)
  • Using social media without losing your mind! (30:00)
  • You can’t have magic skills and then hide them (36:00)

Want to learn more about Stacey?

Check out her Rise Above Noise Interview!
stacey shipman engage the room

Stacey and I talk about the fact that as professionals. we are always marketing or selling. We’re selling programs, services, products, ideas. We have to be in order to keep our business growing.

If we (especially today) do not know how to do that courageously, clearly, and in a caring and connected way, then, we won’t have the results that we want.

We don’t connect with data and facts – we connect with our heart. Caring. Building trust.

Listen to Stacey’s advice to heart-centered entrepreneurs to show up courageously, clear in their communication, and caring in actions…. We need to recognize and address the fear of being seen – Often, we’re not showing up as authentically or courageously as we could. We run the risk of sounding and looking like everybody else.

Stacey highlights what she calls the 3Cs:

Courage: It starts with you.  Bring your boldest self to every interaction.

Clarity: The message you send. Figure out what to say and how to say it.

Connection: It’s not about you. Create environments that bring out the best in people.

Stacey wants everyone to know: Your Voice Matters. Why Be Dull When You Can Shine?