suggested reads for empowering entrepreneurs

Here are this month’s picks of helpful articles for empowering entrepreneurs.

1. 6 Reasons Why Authenticity is the Key to Success

authenticityAuthenticity means not acting like someone else, voicing your own truths. Don’t be pressured into decisions or judgments by outside influences. Trust your heart & gut instinct.
Read more on Addicted2Success.

2. 12 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making Important Decisions

important-decisionsIntuition may be your most powerful decision-making tool. Refer to this list when making decisions around working with people, hiring, and important business and life choices.
Read more on Savor the Success.

3. 10 Networking Tips: The Art of Building Business Relationships

networking-tipsAfter defining the kind of business relationships you desire, allow for thoughtful planning to consider a few straightforward approaches to deepening your business associations.
Read more on Project Eve.

4. 10 Things Exceptional People Say Every Day

exceptionalWant to make a huge difference in your life? Here are things you should say every day — to your employees, colleagues, family members, friends, and everyone you care about:
Read more from Jeff Haden on Business Insider.

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