Empowering Entrepreneurs

Here are this month’s picks of helpful articles for empowering entrepreneurs. This month’s choices highlight some habits and strategies for personal success.

positive-peoplePositive vs. Negative: 

Certainly, you’ve experienced the difference between spending time with positive people versus spending time with negative people. In this article, 15 Differences Between Positive People and Negative People, you will find tips to help you Become that Positive Person.

entrepreneurship successHabits of Successful People

As you undoubtedly know, in respect to achieving success, actions speak louder than words, connections, or opportunities. Without a doubt, what you achieve in life depends on your actions. Take it from 35 founders, entrepreneurs, and executives who have achieved great things and credit simple daily rituals for helping them do it. Read these tips on 35 Daily Habits You Should Really Steal From Successful People.

readingWhat To Read Before Bed

For many CEOs, execs, and other high achievers, the day begins extremely early and is crammed with emails, meetings, and events. But the evenings can be a time to unwind with a good book. Or a magazine. Or newspaper. Some of them even curl up with their email. From paperbacks to tweets, here’s what some of the super successful people read before calling it a night. What 17 Successful People Read Before Bed.

It’s power-thoughtAll to Do With Thought

Linda Pritcher, a human potential coach, tells us, “When we realize that we’re not victims of our circumstances but rather the thinking creators of our own moment-to-moment experience of them, it opens up a lot of possibilities to create a life that will more likely fulfill our dreams. We have the power to create that future. There is tremendous freedom in knowing that our thoughts are just thoughts.”  Read more on Linda’s website.

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