worried about facebook privacy

worried about facebook privacyAre you worried about your Facebook privacy?

Many people are, but if you have reviewed your privacy settings, you should be all set.

You may have heard the chatter that Facebook is changing some of their settings as we head in to 2015. 

Change often makes people nervous.

But, in this case, there is some good news. Facebook has been working to make their privacy terms easier for us to understand. The Facebook Privacy Basics helps to show you what others are allowed to see about you.  They also help you to visualize how others interact with you.  Basically, the Privacy Basics help you understand more easily how you show up on Facebook.

You Are In Control:

You are able to control who sees what you share on your Facebook page. Every time you post, you are given the option to choose who can see your photos and other things you post on your page.

On your computer, you will use the audience option at the bottom of the status bar.  On your mobile device, the menu is at the top of your post. Most people would most likely want to share their post with friends.  You also have the option of sharing your post with a specific group of people.  If you choose to post Public, this will mean that anyone will be able to see the post.  This will include complete strangers and even people who are not on Facebook.

Set your facebook audience

No worries – if you change your mind and share it with the wrong audience, you can still go in to the post to Edit that option.  One of my favorite features is the “Only Me” choice.  I use this when I want to keep a post for future reference, but I don’t want it to be public on my timeline.

Helpful hint: Creating lists is a great way to streamline your Facebook posts to reach targeted audiences.

It’s always a good idea to review your all of your social media privacy settings regularly.

Second Thoughts?

No worries, you always have the option to Delete a Status Update that you posted.  All you will have to do is go to your own Timeline, find that post that you would like to remove and click the down arrow menu in the upper right corner.  Select “Delete”.  (Note that handy “Edit” choice as well – one of my absolute favorites)  You may also choose to “Hide” a post from your Timeline.  This allows you to keep the post, but no one ever sees it when they check out your profile.  It may, however, show up on search results, so if you really don’t want it viewed, you will want to “Delete” it.

edit your facebook post

So…. What Have You Been Doing on Facebook?

Want to see what you have shared on Facebook?  Check out your own profile, and choose the “Activity Log” option in the menu that is found right below your cover photo.

Want to see what your profile looks like to someone else?  That’s easy, too.  If you are viewing your Facebook profile on a computer, you just click the “View As” option in the menu found in the bottom right corner of your cover photo. This is a great way to test out what your profile looks like to your friends or to the general public. You can even see what your profile looks like to a specific friend if you wanted.  Just choose “View as Specific Person” and then enter your friend’s name in the space provided.

view facebook activity

Your public profile shows your name and gender.  Your cover photo and your profile picture is also included in the public profile. If you have joined any networks, the list of those will also show up. Your public profile is just that, public. Anyone at all can see your  public profile.

Who gets to see what?

You are allowed to edit your settings to determine which items on your Timeline are seen by specific people. Open your Settings.  Select “Timeline and Tagging”. You are able to decide which people get to see what items on your Timeline when you’re tagged in other people’s posts and when other people post on your Timeline. Remember, if you have shared something that you never, ever, want anyone to see there in the future, you are able to go back in to delete that particular post.

facebook timeline settings

Friend List:
When you are in your own profile, open the “Friends” tab, click “Edit Privacy” to decide upon which of your contacts will be allowed to view your posts.  Keep in mind that if a “Friend of a Friend” searches for you on Facebook, they will be able to see any of your posts that you have designated for the “Friends of Friends” audience.

About You:
You are also in control of which audience will be able to view information in the “About You” portion of your own profile. There is a “Manage Sections” option in the upper right corner of the “Friends” portion of this page that will allow you to make decisions about which sections you will allow to be viewed by others.

facebook privacy manage sections

When you like or comment on someone else’s post:
Anyone who can view this post, will also have permission to view any of the likes and comments people make on it. The audience for this post is controlled by the person who originally created the post. You  are able to see which audience is allowed to view this post by using the icon on the original post. Keep in mind that the person who posted can change the audience at any time.  (Someone might originally share a photo only with friends, but later change the audience to “Public”)

Photos and Tagging

When you post a photo, you will be allowed to choose the viewing audience.  You may decide to share this post with your “Friends”  and allowed “Tagging”. Once someone is “Tagged” in a photo, now all of their friends will also be allowed to view the photo, whether or not they are in your “Friends” list.  You can increase your photo privacy by customizing the audience of the photo.  In this case, you would choose “Custom” audience and Unclick the “Friends of Tagged”.

who gets to see a facebook post

How about when YOU are tagged in someone else’s photo?  You might not want your own friends to be added to someone else’s audience.  In this case, you will change your settings in the “Timeline and Tagging” section of your profile.

facebook timeline settings

Now, you see that there is quite a bit you can do to protect the privacy of your posts on Facebook.  It may take a bit of practice to learn where to find all of the appropriate settings.  Then, it takes some mindfulness to make sure that you are adjusting the settings for each of our posts, if you choose not to share them widely.  But, once you get the hang of it, you will be able to use Facebook to continue to share and engage with your audience – under your own terms.

This is good stuff!

Got questions?  Contact me anytime to for more tips and advice on your personal or business social media platforms.