Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:

Calming Your Space So It Quiets Your Mind

RIse Above Noise - Kerri Miller Feng shui

Kerri Miller
Feng Shui Pathways

Kerri Gray Miller of Feng Shui Pathways is passionate about showing people how their surroundings impact their Energy, their mood and how much money they make, and so much more. Kerri believes that when you’re in an environment that feels good, you’re better able to thrive, which means you show up more fully and parts of your life, at home at work in your relationships. And that when you do you get more back,

In this week’s Rise Above Noise Interview, Kerri and I talk about the ways that your surroundings influence your mood, energy level and even how much money you make. Kerri shares some ways to gently shift your spaces so it feels calmer and helps you feel more grounded and able to focus more clearly.

Some top takeaways:
~~ On physical boundaries: when you’re working from home boundaries become a big issue. It’s very easy to overlap between the work load and the home loads that you’re dealing with, so there might not be a clear boundary between those two things. It makes you be less successful because you’re trying to multitask and multi manage all those things at once.
~~ Feng Shui can help you focus on what’s important so that you really put 100% into it, and then step away from it and not be reminded of it.
~~ Set yourself up energetically so that you’re not energetically distracted by what’s going on in the room.
~~ Arrange your desk in the command position, it literally energetically supports your auspiciousness.
~~ Take a look at your physical space and see the energy centers that are related to each one of the life areas. If there’s a life area that needs more attention than another one, you can simply use an enhancement or a cure to call energy in that direction.

There were so many more great insights. I hope you will enjoy listening to Kerri as much as I do.