Today’s “Rise Above The Noise” Topic:
#MoreJoy – how the ‘playmaker’ inside of us can help us in our business growth

Wellness Coach entrepreneur

Nicole “Coco” Lewis
Joy Warrior
Nourish with Coco

First, Susan gives her digital marketing tips of the week.
She reminds us that everything….everything….that we do on digital marketing platforms (blogs, websites, social media, listing sites, email marketing) is designed to evoke a RESPONSE. Do not forget why you are doing what you are doing. You want your content consumers to : Call, Schedule, Donate, Visit, Buy. Make sure that is the crux of your efforts.

Then, Nicole “Coco” Lewis – a self-proclaimed joy warrior and owner of Nourish with Coco. As a professional in the “working world,” Nicole has over 20 years of experience weaving together creativity, passion and expertise into the fields of health & wellness and teaching & coaching.

Today’s topic #MoreJoy – How the ‘playmaker’ inside of us can help us in our business growth.

My takeaways:
~~ Be “Kid-Like” – Smile – Play
~~ Creating JOY in your everyday life can be developed as a new habit. Make reminders for yourself that will result in you taking a few moments to feel joy.
~~ The value of bringing JOY into our everyday life – increased focus, be more productive, be open to connections.