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From Overwhelm to Peace of Mind :: Becky Bast

From Overwhelm to Peace of Mind :: Becky Bast

Becky Bast
Decluttering expert. Stay at home mom.

First off, I’ll talk about how sharing an insight into my life and ‘feels’ brought me awareness, support, and grace. Then, I’ll share a quick tip about holiday marketing…..Hop on that now! Before Thanksgiving.

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This week’s guest is Becky Wittenberg Bast, founder of Declutterista and host for “Lighten Up with the Declutterista” podcast.

Becky created her decluttering and organizing business after decluttering her own life and witnessing the fun and benefits.

With the help of Pepperlane, her business has grown.

Becky is passionate about helping people get it done and create a life they are excited about.

Our conversation flows through tips and tricks for ‘letting go’ to emotional attachments to “things” to how to make it all happen as a busy mom.

Becky is offering $50 off of a Declutterista Package when you call her before 11/22/19.

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She’s also offering complimentary Voxer or FaceTime support! (That’s super generous)

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