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Growing Your Business By Growing Yourself

sylvia demott growing your business by growing yourself entrepreneur

Sylvia DeMott
Entrepreneurial Mind Coach

First, Susan offers another time-saving tip to help rescue entrepreneurs from confusion and time-suck in their digital activities.

Stop scheduling appointments, meetings, calls by email. It’s too confusing – takes too much time. Instead, use an online scheduling program such as Acuity, Calendly, etc. It will save you hours! AND will help you keep your ‘work time’ work time but allowing you to block out times to get **it done!


Mindset Coach-Sylvia DeMott is a psychotherapist turned entrepreneurial mindset coach. She helps women entrepreneurs who never feel like they’re measuring up get out of their own way so that they can grow their businesses and still living their version of a good life. Sylvia’s Superpower is her ability to find ways to help people motivate themselves – to show up both authentically and vulnerably.

Highlights from our chat:

What is it you would do if you had no fear?
What is it that you have to serve to others?

You have to GROW yourself to grow your business!

Are you limiting yourself? Do you not see beyond your nose? Are you ready to make the shift to see that there are so many more possibilities?

Sylvia helps people stop procrastinating. Stop waking up at night wondering if you’ve made the right choices and taken the right actions. Don’t feel like you have to become someone you’re not.

Shift with the affirmation – “I have something important to share”. Recognize the thoughts and feelings without judging them.

You aren’t becoming someone else, you are becoming more of who you are by shedding those limiting beliefs that keep you from showing up truly as you are.

Don’t judge the feelings you have…..stop ‘”should”ing on yourself.
Other people have figured it out….you can, too

What is getting in the way of moving in that direction?
 You become more when you shed the limiting beliefs.

Be kind. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t compare to others.

Notice what’s going on in your head.

 Do you feel stuck? Like you have no other choice? Realize that you have choices.

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