Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:

Relationship of the Spiritual & Physical Heart

heart-based entrepreneur

Rita Bielka
The Happy Catalyst

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Then, I know you will enjoy listening to Rita Bielka’s experiences.
Rita is the creator of HAPPY CATALYST. Her passion for learning about others has led her to her true purpose in life, which is connecting with people and helping them do the same. She created HAPPY CATALYST as an opportunity to connect heart-minded people that wouldn’t ordinarily meet that have a desire to support, share ideas and collaborate.
Rita believes that building relationships with people from a heart space creates a foundation that is capable of sprouting friendships, partnerships, and life-long opportunity.
Some takeaways from today’s talk:
~ Our emotions will serve us either way – but can we take responsibility for sustaining emotions of gratitude, joy, love? It’s a practice.
~ Find the support systems ( community, financial, time savings ) that serve your goals and keep you grounded.
~ Biofeedback changed Rita’s life. She learned that it’s the heart that supersedes anything that would divide us. It supersedes religion, it supersedes politics. Thoughts of gratitude and appreciation – nature – and her granddaughter – helped Rita feel this in her heart – and put her body into “coherence”.
~ When we’re in that heart space, and we learn that our emotions can serve us. The question is, do you like how they’re serving you? And so this is where we do have to take personal responsibility for the emotions that we feel and realize that sustaining these emotions of gratitude and love and joy, actually do produce a return on investment.
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