Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
Your Heart-Centered Business:
Creating a business that’s fulfilling, sustainable, and profitable

Aishling Mooney
Angel Intuitive & Spiritual Business Coach

First, Susan offers her digital marketing tip of the week.

We often talk about getting your contacts’ email addresses in a ‘database’ – so…that’s a fancy name for a list….. but where does an entrepreneur find even more email addresses they can add?

Did you know that LinkedIn will allow you to download your list of connections? Learn how in the first few minutes of this video.


Aishling Mooney is an Intuitive & Spiritual Business Mentor.

Since 2000 Aishling has worked with thousands of lightworkers at different stages of their spiritual path. She offers programmes and courses for every level from the complete beginner to the advanced spiritual seeker. Aishling is committed to talking about wealth and money so spiritual entrepreneurs begin to accept wealth in their lives and spiritual businesses.

Her core belief is that if you focus on self-love and healing yourself and your own journey that you will become an effortless magnet for a rich and wealthy life.

(Of course, you need coaching, systems, marketing and everything else that helps you grow a business but it’s super important to get clear on your core message and life purpose and what you are here to do)

Aishling is certain that when spiritual people become wealthy after they take care of themselves and their families, then their wealth will naturally overflow into their communities and the planet to make this world a better place for all of us.

It’s time for lightworkers to stand up and take their place among the worlds rich and wealthy.

Aishling offers us her top three tweaks for bringing in consistent income and clients in your spiritual business.
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