dreidel - balancing dreidel-3

If you could be any holiday ornament, which would you be? Why?

Seriously – that was the question posted at a recent networking group activity.

At first, the question didn’t even make sense to me – but then, it was crystal clear what my answer would have to be.  I would, of course, be the dreidel.

The dreidel is a multi-faceted spinning toy.  Each time the dreidel spins, it has an equal chance of landing on any one of its four sides.  While it is in full-spin mode, there is no way to tell which side you are looking at at any particular moment. The letters on the dreidel seamlessly flow together ~ nun, gimel, hay, shin, nun, gimel, hay, shin ~ 4 sides appear as one, smooth top.

I chose the dreidel because, I, too, spin the many facets of my life with an equal chance of presenting any of my many sides at any time.  While I am in full-spin mode, I am complete with the wholeness of my beings.  My facets seamlessly flow together ~ business owner, network director, mother, dog walker, quilter, hiker, yoga student ~ All my sides appear as one, smooth person. It could be described as life-balance.

If you spin the dreidel really fast and give it a little flip, you can sometimes get it to spin on its stem with the ‘fat’ part of the top balancing above the thin part. When I am at my very best, I am that dreidel – standing on point, balancing all of my facets on one thin being.

Gravity takes over and the dreidel will eventually slow down, and one facet faces up, revealing the ‘prize’ to be drawn by the player. Similarly, at times, I must realize that I probably should slow down and pay attention to one side at a time.  By fully focusing on one part of myself, I can check in to make sure that part is fully functional before moving on to the next part.

By giving myself the hour or two to hike with Kenai or take a yoga class, I find that I become more clear-headed and focused when I return to the office to focus on being a social media coordinator.  By really setting aside a chunk of time to give my full focus to a blog or a bulk-message prepost upload, I will then be able to give my full attention to my kids who have something they need to talk to me about.

It’s a challenge for me to focus on one side at a time.  I am naturally drawn to ‘multi-tasking’.  But it is more clear to me now than ever, that in order to function completely, I need to pay attention to strengthening all of my parts.

And if I’m lucky – I will land on gimmel and get to take everything in the pot!