digital assessment

Website and Online Presence Assessment

If you are like most of us, you are probably wondering if your website and online presence are accurate and optimized.

When was the last time that you decided to pay an objective visit to your website as if you were a prospective client who just happened to find out about you?

Try it.

Pay attention to make sure your website avoids many of the common pitfalls and that it answers all the pertinent questions. “What pitfalls?” you ask? If you have spent any time at all browsing others’ websites, you are probably aware of some of the annoying aspects of an un-optimized website – you know, the things that make you click off pretty quickly (bounce).

Some of the most common annoying things about un-optimized websites include:

  • Not being able to tell, at a glance, what your company does
  • Slow loading times
  • Painfully outdated look or layout
  • Music or videos that start playing automatically (Argh!  I hate this!)
  • Not being mobile-friendly
  • Poor navigation that makes it impossible to find anything

Make sure that your website answers the questions that an interested visitor would want to know about.

Let your potential clients clearly see the “What’s In It For Me?”. Provide information on how your product or service makes people’s lives easier or better and if your product or service matches their lifestyles and needs. Be certain that you are speaking to your exact target audience. Let them know that they’ve landed in the right place.

Let your visitors know quite clearly what action you want them to take. Calls to Action are a must in strategic areas throughout your site. Tell people what you want them to do during key points of their browsing.

Invite visitors to ways they build a relationship with your brand. Make it easy for people to follow your blog, join your mailing list and connect with your social media accounts.

Have you tried to search for your business online as if you were a prospective client who is searching for your type of product or services?

Try it.

First, go ahead and conduct a Google search for your company name.  Find out where and how you are showing up.
Then, try searching in more general terms to see how your business is showing up when someone searches for your type of product or service, or for the keywords that you’ve identified as appropriate to your niche. Here are the different ways that you may find your business showing up in searches:

  • Your website
  • Google maps
  • Online search sites (Yelp, Bing, Alignable, etc)
  • Your social platforms
  • Your personal profiles
  • Incoming links from others’ websites

Make certain that these are up to date and accurate. Take actions necessary to correct any issues. You will also want to pay attention to those incoming links from strong websites (guest blogs, membership listings, etc). Consider creating more opportunities for your business to show up on other reputable sites.

Not sure where to start?

Let me and my ace team comb through all of your platforms to give you honest and smart feedback. (Seriously, we just love this stuff!)

We will review your website for language, broken links, calls-to-action, content review and more. We make suggestions for simple ways to make sure you are utilizing your current website to the best of its potential.  We will also run a survey of how you are showing up in various online search results. We can help you identify your strongest online traffic drivers while making sure your business is accurately portrayed on all resulting sites.

Our presentation will help you understand sometimes complex concepts and terms in plain English.

You can expect us to deliver clear, actionable recommendations and next-steps for improvements.

This service starts at $349 for a 3+ page report and 1-hour personal consultation to review results.