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The #1 comment I hear from small business owners: “I can not keep up with my social media posts!”

It’s true, the everyday business of business is naturally going to take precedence over trying to come up with an engaging, educational, entertaining Facebook post each day.

Here is my first piece of advice that I give to everyone who tells me that this is their pain point:

Set yourself up with a system to schedule your Facebook posts.

My method requires that you spend approximately 1-2 hours once a month with full attention to your social media posting.  I use a simple spreadsheet with dates on the left column and the text in the second column.  The third column is where I leave myself notes, such as which other business pages to ‘tag” or which photo I would like to use with this post. This is even easier if you designate days of the week for a topic.

For instance, here’s an example of a Facebook content calendar that I might use for my catering client:


Topics I rotate:

  • Food riddle day (first thing in the morning)
  • Event venue or event planning tip (evening)
  • Highlight one of our specialty menus
  • Food photo (around 4:30 pm – when people are getting hungry!)
  • FAQ or Testimonials/Reviews (around 4pm)
  • Travels with “The Fresh Lobster”  or announce contest winners (morning)
  • Sharing something from other business pages (wedding tips, picnic tips, bartending ideas, etc)

Of course, you don’t have to strictly stick to the topic schedule, but believe me, it makes it so much easier to set yourself up for a month or two of posts if you know where to pop them in to your scheduling. Naturally, you don’t need to post every single day. You might decide to post only 3-5 times each week.

To schedule a post on Facebook:

Now that you’ve figured out when and what to post, head on over to your business page.
Start creating your text at the top of your Page’s Timeline. Try to use a photo whenever possible. ‘Tag’ another business page if it is appropriate to do so. (Use the @ sign to populate the tag)

how to schedule posts on facebook

If you are sharing an article, take a moment to remove the long, ugly url…..
Be sure to give a short summary, an interesting tidbit or your personal opinion about the article. If you are sharing a link, the article will auto-populate below your post. This offers you an opportunity to change the text below the auto-image as well as change the image that represents the article.
how to schedule posts on facebook To schedule this Facebook post, click the down arrow next to Publish.

how to schedule posts on facebook

Select Schedule Post.
Choose the date and time you want the post to be published

how to schedule posts on facebookClick Schedule.

I’ve been told by many of my contacts that this piece of advice has been a lifesaver for them. The fact that they can give their Facebook posts a couple of solid hours once every other month or so, rather than every week – or even every day – offers them the opportunity to be more mindful about what they are posting, while freeing them up to continue to engage organically on their platform when it is appropriate.

I hope you have found this to be a helpful tip to help you with your online presence. Be sure to contact me if you have any questions or need a bit of help getting started.

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