Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
Ignite Your Personal Brand

Ilhiana Rojas
“Unlock the Power of YOU”

First, I share a recent challenge – and then the solution – in why these interview sessions weren’t syncing to the Rise Above Noise Facebook Group the way I’d intended. My hour-long call with the Zoom folks will be to your benefit when you learn how to clear your browsing history, your cache and make sure you are running the most recent Chrome update!

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Then a conversation with the amazing Ilhiana Rojas:

Ilhiana is a Transformation Strategy Coach & Consultant, founder of BeLIVE Coaching & Consulting.

Her mission is to inspire and guide people to create strategies that will help them achieve their personal and professional goals through empowering self-transformation. Her programs include powerful workshops, webinars, individual coaching sessions, and thought-provoking lectures. Ilhiana is also actively involved in different Diversity & Inclusion initiatives with a particular focus to empower the Hispanic population in the US. Originally from Mexico City, Mexico, Ilhiana moved to Rhode Island with her husband and two daughters, leading the way to showcase that nothing is impossible if you have the right mindset, motivation, and support.

Here are some of my takeaways from our conversation:

Mindfulness can be the key to gaining clarity BEFORE we hit the wall.

It’s not about doing the checklist – it’s about how we feel about how our full life is in the right direction. PAUSE. Assess.

Not knowing who we truly are? We have some image of ourselves that came from somewhere else. What we are doing now might not fit our own vision of our future, true self.

We don’t realize how unique we really are. Our superpowers become so second-nature to us, that we think everyone has them, so we push them aside.

Understanding your unique essence is key to opening yourself up to and for the people who need to work with you.

We need to keep moving forward in order to achieve harmony within ourselves. Our Growth Mindset – pushes us to experience new paths so that we won’t get stuck in our personal or professional lives.

Accepting that a particular chapter of your life is over – but a new one is beginning can be frightening but opening up new chapters can be exciting.

Give yourself permission to figure things out differently and in different ways from other people.

This could be a limiting belief that one is better than another. everyone brings things to the table in a different way. (Think hair-dressers)

There was so much to learn from Ilhiana.
Find out more about her on her website, –  there, you can sign up for a free 45-minute coaching discovery call to begin to identify your own superpower!