I wish you could have seen it.

I was facilitating a digital marketing roundtable for about a dozen heart-centered business owners who were eagerly brainstorming ideas for offering their services to new clients through events, workshops, and spotlights. Everyone was eager to learn more about using their social media marketing, email newsletters, networking in order to reach their audience.

That is…. until I mentioned ‘blogging’

group workshop marketing authentic joy

I am not kidding you. There were actual physical responses just to that one word. “BLOG”

Some wrinkled their noses. Others lowered their eyes. A couple of the attendees actually shrunk back in their chair and crossed their arms over their chests with frightened looks on their faces.

Pay attention – I need you to know something:

share what makes you you

If you intend to attract clients and customers, you absolutely need to share what you’ve got – share what makes you you – share the very reason that someone would want to spend time and money on your product or service.

I invite you to make a shift.

There is someone out there who absolutely needs you. That person has been searching for exactly the product or service that only you can provide in that way that makes you unique and valuable. You know the value you bring. You know the quality of the work you do.

You are the answer to that person’s quest.

It is incumbent upon you to make it easy for this person to find you. This person needs to know enough about you to feel as though ‘at last! I’ve found the answer I’ve been searching for!’

Instead of thinking of content creation as a chore – I suggest that you can consider it an opportunity to make yourself easier to find.

What if I now invite you to do this with JOY?

What if you could become so excited to be the answer to someone’s quest that you approach content creation with a sense of excitement and purpose?

As I’ve mentioned in the past, content creation can take many different forms: blog posts, resource article reviews, a quick video, branded images with your thoughts, interview a thought-leader, behind the scenes, helpful tips.

Offer these up to that person who has been waiting for you and deserves an opportunity to work with you. Offer up your unique take on the solution to his/her challenge.

Dial it up, my friend. Someone is looking for you.