Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
Reclaim Your Time by Implementing Systems

kathleen lawson business and project manager

Kathleen Lawson
Business and Project Manager

First – Susan covers her digital marketing tip of the week:

~~ Have an introduction email or digital resource packet ready to go. ~~

This saves you a lot of time and energy when you get back from any kind of networking event or conference where you’ve collected contacts while serving to keep you top-of-mind.

1: Upload the new contact information into your email list.
2: Edit the intro portion of your email to suit the event where you met the contacts.
3: Remind them of who you are, how you met them, what you do, who you do it for.
4: Offer helpful or memorable content.
5: Invite them to step a bit closer to you by remaining on your list, downloading a guide, viewing a video, hopping on a discovery call, etc.
6: Consider creating a ‘nurture sequence’ to continue to bring value to their relationship with you.

NEXT: A Conversation with Business and Project Manager, Kathleen Lawson:

Implementing processes/systems into your business will save you time, and will give your clients a better experience. Business and project manager, Kathleen Lawson, explains why it’s a good idea to take this approach. She touches upon areas such as time and task management, marketing/lead generation, pipeline/sales, service delivery, financial, team management.

Kathleen serves visionary small business owners who are overwhelmed with the operational side of their business. By helping with planning, project management, creating and streamlining systems, and other operational activities, the business runs more efficiently and business owners are freed up to focus on serving their clients, developing products, and growing their business. Kathleen has experience in the corporate sector, non-profit, direct sales, and small business, and has an MBA from Babson College. She is a proud mom to five boys. Kathleen’s superpower: Breaking down a goal or project into executable action steps

Her special offer to viewers of Rise Above Noise: 2-hr strategy session – $179. This session can be used to break down new goals, develop project plans, create systems. This session may include an online project plan (if applicable). (Regularly $249.)