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Leading with Heart – Real Relationships in a Tech World

Maritza Coscarelli
Loving life, Laughing loudly & Living fully
Life & Leadership Coach, Speaker

First off, Susan shares a couple of digital marketing tips:

Pinterest: Make sure you are connecting posts back to your website. It’s a great traffic driver. Build brand awareness and ‘know-like’trust’.

Conversion Pages: What page on your site are you driving visitors to? Which page is your “money page”? For one of my clients, the ‘money page’ is the ‘Request a Quote” page. How do we drive traffic to that page….how do we measure the results?


Then, Maritza Coscarelli of MC Coaching is simply brilliant as she shares her insights, wisdom, and skills for showing up fully and authentically to build trust-based relationships in our life and our business.

Some of my takeaways:

~ You can’t hide and be successful as a solopreneur
~ We are dealing with multi-generational, multi-cultural, and diverse populations more than ever, so we have to learn more about each other – listen to understand.
~ The one thing we won’t be able to replace with technology is the human-touch – relationship. Face-to-face or phone conversation is even more important than ever before.
~ Feeling stuck? Tools to build our self-confidence/self-esteem
~ Everyone we admire in public arena is fortified and nourished by coaches and community. We all need to find our mentors.
~ Self-leadership means self-awareness and discipline.
~~~ How are you taking care of yourself?
~~~ Do you have ‘high-performance” habits?
~~~ Are you willing to be in integrity with self to make the changes?

Overcoming “Glossophobia – Fear of Public Speaking”

It might not always be about giving a presentation. It’s about practicing communication skills.

~~ Listen to Understand
~~ It’s more important to be INTERESTED than Interesting

By being really interested in the other person – build a connection – then you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to say – you concentrate on listening.

Maritza says ” We Live How We Lead and We Lead How We Live”
Too much compartmentalizing is not healthy for anyone.

Selling without selling: Rapport, Research, Reveal


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