So, I am two weeks into a six-week committment I have made for myself.  One hour a week, I am meeting with Kemi Sorinmade of the Growth Studio.  We are reviewing “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” as presented by John C. Maxwell.

write it down - make it happen

One thing that Kemi mentions over and over; “If you write it down, it is more likely to become a reality.  Just by writing it down, it seems to be internalized.” So, I have decided to blog about this experience. This is a tool to help me review and internalize the content I am ingesting at these meetings.

The first law that we reviewed was “The Law of Intentionality”.  In this section, I learned that personal growth does not just happen on its own.  Sometimes, it is our lack of knowledge that holds us back. Other times, it feels like it’s not the right time to move forward. Many times, what holds us back from reaching our personal potential is the wasted energy we spend on comparing ourselves to others.  In doing this, we might feel that what we do is “not good enough’.  But – here is my takeaway from our time spent on this topic…You never know who is looking for exactly what YOU have to offer. In order to move beyond my self-limiting beliefs in this area, I am to understand my strengths and unique offerings.

We covered “The Law of Awareness” in which we were guided to make sure that we have a sense of Direction that aligns with our Passion and our Purpose. In this section, we were directed to do a SWOT analysis in which we identified our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.  We were to also identify our interests and to create a Plan of Action.

It was encouraging to identify my strengths:

In learning about the “Law of the MIrror” and “The Law of Reflection”, I was able to better focus upon and visualize the future of the services I offer. Rather than comparing myself with others around me – rather than putting pressure on myself (at this point) to become a public speaker, to run webinars, to write an e-book – I am free to continue to follow my strengths in order to provide strong and personalized support for my clients. By taking time for quiet reflection on the work that I am doing in these areas, I strengthen my resolve and hone my attention on creating customized services for each of my small business clients.

online presence

I have identified my mission: Helping small businesses to build their online presence by becoming their partner in the process. I continue to learn the best ways that each client will present themselves online. I will continue to teach each client the “why” and, if they want to know, the “how” of keeping their business visible and relevant to their audience. Every small business has its own unique online persona.  I teach, coach and implement to partner with them to build and grow their online presence.

As much as I love to teach – I especially love taking over a full social media platform – setting up the content calendars, identifying the audience, researching and curating information. I am happy to be the source for a small business that is planning on outsourcing its social media program – until such time as it might decide to take it up on its own.

Need more information?  I will be happy to speak with you more on this topic. Contact me.