Today’s “Rise Above The Noise” Topic:
8 Steps to Manifesting Your Best.

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Leigh-Ann Larson
Elevate Counseling

First off, Susan shares her digital marketing tip of the week.

Facebook Groups – Units: An easy-to-follow organized tool to keep resourceful content accessible and readable by group members. In the Rise Above the Noise Facebook Group – the Book of the Month excerpts are organized by individual books and chronologically so that a visitor can scroll right through the unit to follow along.

Leigh-Ann Larson of Elevate Counseling is this week’s guest.
Leigh-Ann tells us:

There are no short-cuts to manifesting. There are no easy roads. I have never met anyone who came into this world, knowing who they were and exactly what that wanted. It can be a long, hard and difficult road. And let’s face it, sometimes we manifest what we DON’T WANT.

I have a process to manifesting what we DO WANT and I am going to share that with you. These 8 steps to MANIFEST your best…life, career, health, relationships…you name it, will be shared with you in this podcast. Make sure you have your journal handy.

Listen to this interview to learn what Leigh-Ann’s Steps to manifesting entail

Leigh-Ann is offering listeners added value – if you send her an email, she will send you the download of all of the steps she discusses on this video – in addition – she will send you three more steps (to add the “ing” to your manifest outline!