marketing with peanuts

Fenway Park is my happy place.

Especially this year! The team is exceeding all the expectations. Mookie Betts, JD Martinez, and Brock Holt make me smile almost every day.

Once we get to the park, Mitch and I have our favorite “must-have”.  Mitch has to have the ballpark sausage with peppers and onions.

Me….. I go for the salted peanuts.

But, here’s the thing – I have to get the salted peanuts in the paper bag from Nicky’s peanut cart on Jersey Way (Formerly Yawkey Way).

I will not buy the plastic bag inside the park.

Peanuts are peanuts, right?
Then, why do I always buy them from Nicky?


I buy my $5 bag of peanuts from Nicky, with the peanut earring, because in the brief interaction which involves his handing me a paper bag of warm peanuts and my handing him some cash, Nicky thanks me for the business and might tell me something brief about his life.

“Thanks so much, my son just started college, we need everything we can to help him out.”

Buying peanuts from Nicky reminds me that my money will help a hard-working man support his family.

Think back for a minute on what you may have spent money on in the past week or two. Was there a purchase you made with the consciousness of where your money would travel next?

Many of us make it a point to buy produce and other goods at local farmers markets, knowing that the dollars we spend there are supporting the hard-working people in our communities. We hire neighbors’ kids as babysitters, dog-walkers, and to mow our lawns.

We make some of our decisions because we are familiar with the stories behind the purchase.

I bring this point up today, not because I am so proud of my Red Sox and because I love salted peanuts, but because I wanted to riff about the power of telling your story within your marketing.

In my current “Rise Above the Noise” Mastermind groups, we’ve been talking about the various ways to be truly visible. We are brainstorming the day-to-day actions we can take in our marketing activities that allow our audience to feel like they know a bit more about us.

It’s the stories!  It’s always been about the stories!

My call-to-action (because, you KNOW I love a good call-to-action) for YOU is to tell your stories.

How do you do the work you do?
What struggles do your clients have that you help them with?
What tips and tools are you trying out that might be of use to the rest of us?
Who are you collaborating with? What’s their story?
What questions do people have about you or the work you do that you could expand upon.

Tell us your story.

And…..Go Sox!

Fun at Fenway with TJ, Jenna and Mitch