Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
Messaging Matters.  Especially for small businesses.


Deb Goeschel
Strategic Content Creator
Message Artist

First, I’ll go off a bit on how to make the most of vendor, networking, and holiday events by making the most of your email marketing platforms.

Having a yummy resource that you can offer someone for agreeing to receive your emails can not only feel good (it feels good to give, don’t you agree?), but is an authentic and organic way to bring your audience closer to you by feeding them information that will help them in their own lives. Become a trusted resource for them.

Then, this week’s Rise Above Noise guest is Deb Goeschel, owner and strategic content creator of Message Artist.

Deb Goeschel saves her clients time and money by ensuring their brand messaging is on target and speaks directly to their ideal customers. Using that messaging, Deb and her team create effective, branded marketing materials—both online and print—that clearly convey what her clients offer and why they’re the best solution to the problem their clients face. With 19 years of communications experience, Deb serves women-owned and small to mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits both locally and throughout the country.

Deb’s Super Power: She is highly Intuitive which makes crafting and articulating her clients’ message and story easy for her.

Some of what we covered:

~ What exactly is brand messaging?

~ How does messaging inform/impact one’s branding (logos, etc)

~ How does messaging impact content — digital and print? (including social)

~ How does messaging save time/money?

~ Is core brand messaging “one and done” or does it change over time?

~ What does the statement “Remember, consumers do not buy what you sell … they buy what has value to them.” mean?

~ How does brand messaging specifically impact small businesses and entrepreneurs — brick and mortar stores as well as businesses that live solely in the digital arena?

You can learn more about Deb and Message Artist: