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How to Discover Your Blind Spots :: Mia Hewett

Mia Hewett - aligned intelligence

Mia Hewett
Performance Catalyst & Executive Coach

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After that shameless commercial – I get the honor of introducing Mia Hewett, The Enlightened Entrepreneur.
Do you sometimes feel that you are meant for more, but don’t understand why you keep secretly struggling to achieve it?

Mia touches upon how to incorporate spirituality and power into your daily life to close the gap and confusion about how to be a spiritual being while thriving as a practical business owner.

We get to talk about:
What is really stopping us from achieving our higher level of self – personally and professionally?
How can we identify and debunk our own biggest blindspots,
How do we ultimately transcend our own traps?

We get into it….
Imposter syndrome
Limiting beliefs

There is NOT ONE of us who doesn’t struggle with each of these areas – We might as well recognize them for what they are and make use of the tools and skills we have to realize our potential!

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She’s offering a free online version of her book: “Meant for More. Stop secretly struggling and become a force to be reckoned with.”
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