Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
Mindful Meditative Media

Kimber-lee Jacobsen
Yoga studio owner, singer, healer, podcaster

It’s summertime -and that means that fewer and fewer people are spending time in front of their computers looking for connections on social media platforms.  Very few people are interacting right now.  That’s normal. That’s actually healthy. 

But watch out, business owners, September is around the corner and – if you are still showing up with consistency – being a resource – offering great content – the flood gates will open and you can expect amazing renewed energy and clients coming your way.

Even when folks are not on social media – they’ll most likely be checking their emails, still.

So – to start – I hop up on my soapbox – again – to talk about why email marketing is the singular most important digital marketing focus for a business to succeed.

It’s YOUR list.
It’s YOUR content.
It’s YOUR voice.
You are in control. 

And…to those of you (I hear you) saying “I don’t want to bother people in their inbox”…. remember – if you are offering content of value and within your integrity….you audience will want to hear (read) from you.  If not…they can simply unsubscribe!

Ok – then – this was an amazing conversation – I KNOW you will love it.


Kimber-lee Jacobsen is the owner of Be Light Yoga Center

From birth to present day, Kimber-lee has created a life surrounded by movement, rhythm, and sound. A singer by trade, bringing sound & rhythm into spiritual practice has been part of her mission. Trained in 2014 by The Heron Dance, Yoga & Meditation studio, she received certifications in meditation, hatha and vinyasa yoga. She is a certified energy medicine & sound healing practitioner, studying with Fairhaven Healing Arts since February of 2017.

She is passionate in her teaching, and loves finding new ways to make yoga accessible to all walks of life.

Kimber-lee’s superpower is Doubtless Manifestation

Today we dove into how essential it is as a yogi/healing arts professional to hold your authenticity and personal growth as a top priority. We explored at length how your home practice and inner self-work is a strong reflection of your outer expression and overall success.

Setting up your mission-driven business for success with intent includes taking steps to make your information accessible to those who are seeking to learn more about you while also creating systems that allow you to step away from repeated tasks and engagement that may suck your energy.

Creating resources such as class schedules, FAQs, client testimonials, etc ahead of time will save your time and energy.

Kimber-lee shifted her focus and her mission to always prioritize listening, face to face in person conversation, deep conversations.

A home practice of sitting in stillness to focus on your mission and your ‘why’ is an important tool to guide you to make the day to day decisions that will move you closer to where your intention is set.

Listen to Kimber-lee talk about Digital Minimalism.

I am not kidding – YOU WILL LOVE IT.

Let me know what you think about this…… I, for one, think it deserves more conversation.

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