The concept is simple – replace resolutions with three words that, through the year, will guide your choices, challenge your motives and influence your decisions.

Choose words which have meaning and depth – words which stand on their own, yet work together to create a triangulation to guide you through your year.

The three-word concept works best when the words are positive in spirit and when they are chosen to help with the larger picture.

Pick any three words that will guide you in the choices you intend to make for 2019. These 3 words will guide you to challenge yourself as to your motives, your lifestyle, and your work decisions. These are words that will help you guide your actions.

Three words…that you could do anything with.

Three words that could help you in your personal and professional life.

Three words that open up far more options than any limited resolutions could do.

Here are my 3 words for this next trip around the sun.

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My intention is to stay firmly ROOTED in my core values, my ‘why’.

Upon reflection, it occurs to me that this word is not so different than one of the words that’s been serving me for a couple of years…. ‘grounded’.  It’s true in the metaphysical sense in that I become keenly aware of being ROOTED in my values, my relationships, the effects of the work I do for others.  When I spend time with family, trusted friends and colleagues, or energetic communities, I hold on to the sense of deepening the ROOTS that connect us to others.

This is also true in the physical sense of ROOTING my feet or my seat firmly on the ground and feeling firmly supported. Simple things throughout the days will remind me of this intention.  For example, one of my ‘habits’ is to be in a ‘mountain pose’ (tadasana) of some sort whenever I am standing still somewhere (supermarket lines, trains, conferences, parties). With ROOT as my intention, this habit of posture and stance serves to remind me to consider – at that very moment – my core values.


To be able to RISE up toward the sky, often we have to sink our roots more deeply into the earth.

If you have practiced yoga, you’ve likely heard the term “root to rise”.  The idea is that, once your foundation is planted, only then can you tend to the next movement. Pressing down into the foundation not only roots it in place but also activates the muscles above it allowing the body – or the intention – to RISE.

This year, I am using this intention to RISE above. As you may know, my tagline has been “Rise Above Noise” – that is, in this noisy, busy world, dig deep (root) into your strengths and mission to SHOW UP in the world with integrity and authenticity. These are the ideas we share in the “Rise Above the Noise” Facebook Group. (Join us)

Although I am in business as a digital marketing guide, I still find it a personal challenge to “show up”, to put my face, my live self on digital platforms. My introvert nature tends to try to keep me safe in ‘being humble’ or ‘show up small’. (Some of you know that I use my white eyeglasses as power tools to help me with that struggle.)

The intention  – RISE – is to remind me that when I am, indeed, rooted in my core values, it is my obligation to RISE – to get seen and be heard so that I can reach and serve the heart-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to themselves RISE. These light-workers, energy healers, yoga instructors will be changing lives with the work they do. When I guide them to reach those who they are meant to serve with integrity (and tools and strategies, of course), I am RISING toward my own legacy.

Ok…. Honestly, you guys…… Showing up is not just an intention for me.  It’s actually a challenge….Your feedback and validation would be so welcome to support my inner introvert.


So.  I am not kidding when I tell you that this concept may be the most challenging yet. This – even more than ‘showing up’ -is one that I will be setting the strongest intention towards.

It has occurred to me that there are SO many opportunities for ALL of us out there and that way TOO often – and without even realizing it – we push the opportunities aside.

Be honest with yourself – did someone recently reach out to you to help you, work with you, support you? Did you dismiss the offer out of….what? humility? pride? independence? fear?  I realize that I have done just that for way too long.

My intent is to be open to RECEIVE.

RECEIVE the honest feedback.
RECEIVE the offers of help.
RECEIVE the request to help others.
RECEIVE the educational opportunities.
RECEIVE invitations to join communities of support.

How about you?  Are you open to RECEIVE?