Recently, you may have heard me talk about my Big Audacious Goal.

You see, all these years I thought I’ve simply been a digital marketing coach and strategist. You know….analytics, insights, yada yada.

But, recently, I had my AHA.

I was chatting with a woman (let’s call her Phoebe- one of my favorite names) who was struggling to get her parent/child coaching business to pick up momentum. Phoebe has soooooooooo much to offer to her potential clients.

My AHA was this….
If Phoebe could help even ONE parent become calmer, healthier – to deal with her child’s behaviors with effective strategies – to feel supported and capable of being the parent (s)he’d always envisioned (s)he could be……

If Phoebe could help even ONE child to avoid the pharmaceuticals, the troubles at school and with friends, the feelings of depression and anger.

That mom/dad shows up in the world lighter and fully present.
That child shows up in the world with confidence and calm.

That child grows up to be a well-adjusted adult – enters a healthy relationship – is an amazing parent to his/her children.


Phoebe has the super-power to change the world one person at a time with love (and tools and strategies).

The truth is, Phoebe could be any one of the amazing heart-centered entrepreneurs that I have the honor of knowing in my various communities. Each one of you has world-changing potential!

My part in all of this….
My part is to be a guide for these light-workers to navigate their digital marketing with consistency, strategy, integrity, and ease. It’s become my mission to help heart-centered entrepreneurs meet their responsibility to SHOW UP for those who are searching for the solution you provide.

My Big Audacious Goal:

~ Create a course framework that will guide our community of heart-centered entrepreneurs, energy healers, light workers, and creatives towards broadening their reach – to create a “Love Tide”.
~Create a step-by-step journey to help them navigate their digital marketing with consistency, strategy, integrity, and ease

I would be honored if you were to take 5-7 minutes to help me gather information for this project. I am very grateful for the feedback.

susan finn digital marketing presentationI am committed to learning more, rooting into core values, rising to help others rise, and receiving even more guidance from the communities we develop.

I am grateful to include you in this learning community. I welcome your feedback on how I might create content and programs that will best support your business journey.

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