my three words

It took over a week, but I finally completed the task presented by Chris Brogan in his January 1 blog “My 3 Words for 2013

In his blog, Chris explains that every year, he chooses three words to help him focus his goals and efforts. He feels that using this concept, he is able to think in more dimensions about how he lives his life, how he sets and meets his goals.

Chris explains that the three-word concept works best when the words are positive in spirit when they are chosen to help with the huge picture.

I presented the blog article to the members of the Women’s Business Network of SE MA.  These inspiring women came up with very interesting choices:

  • One massage therapist chose:  Joyfully. Step Forward.
  • Our bookkeeper/runner chose:  Run. Prioritize. Enjoy.
  • Our travel agent chose: Enjoy Life Daily
  • Another massage therapist chose: Dream. Do. Savor.
  • Our medium chose: Manifest Abundance. Share.

I wanted to try Chris’ concept this year for a specific and personal reason.  In my life, there is always so much, too much, information and activity surrounding me.  Between my large, busy family, the constant information flow of my work, and my own continual research, the idea of simplifying it all into 3 unifying words really appealed to me.

I had really enjoyed an article written by my friend, Jen Vondenbrink, in her Life Simplified blog article titled 3 Words – A New Type of Resolution.  Jen enjoyed Chris’ 3 word concept because she is of the opinion that resolutions often seem unrealistic and unattainable, as though they were wishes rather than true goals.  In 2012, Jen chose the words  Own. Inspire. Grow.  She explains her reasoning in her article.

In contemplating the words I would embrace, I originally thought that I would decide upon words that I would use in my business.  I would need to come up with 3 words to help simplify and collate the hundreds of tasks that I perform for the large variety of businesses.  I really didn’t consider that I might actually end up with words that could also apply to the rest of my life, as well.

The words I chose:

  • Listen
  • Learn
  • Implement

I embrace my role as a natural “connector”.   Helping folks connect to services and others who might fulfill a quest of theirs is my absolute favorite thing to do.  By listening to the person that I am with, I will learn what their need is, and can then implement some action to help them.   This is not only true in my role as social media consultant, but certainly true as well in my most important roles as wife, mother and daughter.

It took a while, but I am very happy that these are the 3 words that came to me.  As the year moves forward, I will occasionally check in to let you know how the words are working in that moment.

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