Level 2 – Growth Circle

Focus on Website Content, Social Media Strategies, Email Marketing & Analytics For Your Business

This program is for independent professionals and small business owners who are committed to attracting and retaining clients through consistency, support, and accountability systems.

The Level 2 program is for those who have created their messaging and are continuing to strengthen digital platforms. They are ready, willing, and eager to continue to build upon them strategically and within a container of guidance and support from other professionals.

We will take this time to explore your own business, how it relates to your audience, and how you can use your own passions and interests to build your personal and professional brand.

Circle members will have an opportunity to offer a deep-dive spotlight to add value and diversity to the learning and connections within the group.

accountability mastermind expect 2

What you can expect:

  • SAVE TIME with clearly defined goals, tools, and strategies
  • Build your Contacts lists
  • Accountability for your actions through weekly calls and an accountability partner
  • Gain clarity on your digital marketing messaging
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your niche
  • Enjoy unbiased, honest feedback and new ideas for your business growth activities from a ‘virtual board of directors’
  • Support via professional coaching, group calls, and a private Facebook Group.

What’s Included?

  • 5 weekly meetings. (1 hour via Zoom video conference) Working sessions in front of our computers – Getting stuff DONE! Together!
  • 1 private coaching session to support your goals.
  • A folder filled with resources supporting the work we will be doing.
  • A private Facebook Group as your ‘virtual board of directors’.
  • Your own Accountability Partner.

Limited to 8 participants.


Now Enrolling

“I signed a new client last week! Susan gave me specific advice on where to publish my blog and how to connect with my audience. Within a day, I received a message from someone interested in working with me. I sent him samples of my work and he hired me right away! I feel like I’m finally on the right track.”
Rachel Pintarelli
Content Creator & Chief Storyteller

“I enjoyed the accountability and check-ins with my partner more than I thought I would. We were a really good fit for each other and were able to help each other out in unexpected ways.

I have much more quiet time in my day, not feeling frantic because I have systems in place and chunk marketing activities together. I’m not getting sucked into FB when I want to post in groups because I have a plan in place. I have a better understanding of what to focus on and improve for my messaging.

By working on my email onboarding series and getting the word out about my new lead generator. whenever I speak somewhere, I will be able to point them to my mailing list and start nurturing the relationship.”

KickStart Accountability Mastermind Fall 2018
Devon Grilly – Coach On Fire

Susan Finn is the ultimate connector and has a special gift of bringing a community of like-minded business go-getters together. But above all, I admire Susan for her – both in her work and her personal life. I’m lucky enough to be in an Accountability Group with Susan and several other women, and she does a wonderful job holding us accountable and creating space to create goals, share our desires and set intentions.”

Rachel Kaczynski :: Healthy Chicks ::  Growing a judgement-free community for women.


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