Kari Yasi – “The Wellness Warrior” 

kari yasi wellness warrior

A special contribution from Beth Knaus, Chief Copywriter for That’s a Spade.

Susan Finn, Chief Connector at Susan Finn Online, and I ran an accountability group with 5 business women looking to improve their online marketing strategies. Each participant was given one or two realistic tasks they could take action on.

Kari Yasi, aka “The Wellness Warrior”,  is a transformative speaker, intuitive life coach, and healer. She integrates Reiki, energy medicine, and essential oils to help women with their self-care. Her desire is to empower women to heal, develop a clear picture of their own desires, then break through their barriers to success.

Kari coaches her clients confidently by teaching fresh, inspirational mantras like: 

  • “Control your controllables”
  • “Drop your thinking from head to heart” 
  • “What does your life look like and how do you want to show up for it?”

Kari speaks passionately about individual authenticity, joy, gratitude, and fulfillment.

When she came to our “One Step at a Time” accountability session, Kari was eager to revamp her online presence and to develop a fresh launch of the things she is passionate about focusing on.

We identified Kari’s “First Step”:  

Create the program outlines she really wanted to offer, then work within her database to specifically segment her email mailing lists to target her clients’ individual needs.

When she decided what she wanted to offer her clients, she realized that refreshing those offerings also means refreshing her email list. So her actual first task was to segment her contact list while amping up her social media.

Kari is a business powerhouse, with enough focus, energy, and motivation to run a small nation. She also has the clarity to see that she must continue to build her nation of loyal followers through networking, social media, email updates, and continued updates to her website.

One of the things I admire about Kari is that she’s not afraid to delegate tasks that aren’t on the top of her priority list. So, she’s hired someone to handle the makeover and strategy of her social media platform, which will help her revamp her online marketing presence and reach out to new potential clients.

She is having new headshots taken and has been filling her calendar with workshops and speaking opportunities to promote her new focus. Some of the programs she’s presently offering are:

Kari is an excellent example of a solopreneur who is using online marketing to grow her business.

Her Facebook profile states: “I empower women to heal and break their barriers to success
*Reiki *Energy Medicine * Essential Oils”

To find out more about Kari and schedule a consultation with her, visit www.kariyasi.com or email her: kari@kariyasi.com


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