small steps to business success

I believe in taking things on one manageable task at a time.

It’s been my experience that the idea of digital platforms can seem overwhelming to small business owners. These are the questions that I am asked over and over again.

  • How can I make the most of my website?
  • Which platforms should I be posting to?
  • What kind of content should I post?
  • How often should I post?
  • How do I genuinely connect with my intended audience?
  • How do I keep in touch with my engaged clients or customers?
  • How do I know if all of this is even working?

and the most-asked question:

  • How can I possibly make the time to get this done?

Here’s what I know for sure.
There is not one small business owner who can do it all at once and by herself!

I have been involved in a variety of networking groups, large and small, for over 12 years. The larger networking groups have offered me a giant base of virtual team members. These are folks I know, like and trust. These are the folks I can refer my friends, family, and clients to when they are searching for specific services or products. I am NOT KIDDING!  There’s even a woman in Women’s Business Network who specializes in gift box presentations of baklava -perfect for ‘thank you’ gifts for your clients.

But it’s  the work that is done in some of the smaller groups that I want to discuss here. Some folks call them “Accountability Groups”.  Others call them “Mastermind Groups”. Some refer to them as their “Inner Circle”.  Whether we’ve met once or we’ve met on a regular basis, I always – always – step away with actionable tasks to begin directly to help me move my business forward.

Are you interested in participating in a digital marketing accountability group?

Join me for one of my upcoming Group Workshops. These short-term programs are designed to allow small business owners an opportunity to openly share their business successes & challenges and to brainstorm solutions.