Seriously, in your experience, does anyone really actually look forward to receiving email newsletters?  Probably most people do not. ( Well, I sometimes do because I love to see what my clients and networks are up to. ) But, don’t despair.  Armed with a supply of knowledge, tips and tools, you can keep your own email newsletters from becoming cyber-trash.


It’s been reported that over 42% of subscribers are more likely to purchase or use services from a company after they’ve subscribed to their emails. Also, email newsletters are a great touch-point to remind your contacts about your mere existence! There’s no real downside to sending out newsletters.  BUT – be sure that when you do, that you use common sense, be careful with your language and avoid being spammy.  Even this alone should help keep your subscription results positive.

This month, I have collected some of my favorite articles on the topic of email marketing. I hope that you will find them a useful resource for your business.

grow-your-email-listGrow Your List:

Growing your email list may seem like a challenging goal, but remember: you already have the most important tool for getting people to want to join your list — an awesome customer experience.
90 percent of consumers like to receive promotional emails from the companies they do business with. The reason most businesses struggle to get more of these people on to  their list is that they don’t have the right plan to help them do it. Constant Contact has compiled this collection of 61 list growth ideas to help you put that plan into action.   Read them here.

email-hints-tipsHints and Tips:

Michael Katz specializes in developing email newsletters for professional service firms. In this blog article, Michael shares some answers to oft-asked questions about email newsletters such as What to include? Frequency? Opt-In Incentives? Read more.

Hubspot, always providing excellent inbound marketing information, shares their tips on “How to Create an Email Newsletter People Actually Read.  My favorite tip: Be 90% educational and 10% promotional.

email marketing relationshipsEmail marketing is about building relationships, I can not stress enough how important it is that an email newsletter offers information of value to customers and helps a business present itself as a trusted expert. A successful email marketing campaign may increase sales, engagement, lead conversion and brand awareness.  But, it’s important to remember that the very basics of these results is an established, trust-based connection between a business and its customers.  Read more.

email-ideasCreate a Killer Email Newsletter:

Here are just a few of the email marketing tips originally published in an article on

  • Make a compelling offer
  • Send often – but not too often
  • Choose a clean design
  • Get personal
  • Make the subject-line count
  • Keep tweaking

Read the full article on

email-designEmail Design :

One of the most important aspects of an email newsletter is that it is visual and engaging.  This article shares a list of six actionable design tips to make your email newsletter visually appealing.

My favorite tip from this list: “Stick to Standard Fonts”.
(Am I right?  Are you nodding, too?)
Read more on Vertical Response.

Another helpful article found on Email Monks offers more specific design specifications such as graphics, fonts, layout and more.

email-resourcesEmail Marketing Resources:

Every article I read on the topic of email marketing offers me some new tip or slant on this topic. You can download “Email-Marketing-Mistakes-to-Avoid“, which is a helpful guide I found on  Also, I invite you to visit my Email Marketing and Newsletter board on Pinterest to browse articles that may solve a particular challenge that you may be having.

It is my intent that you have will find these articles about email newsletter marketing relevant and useful. Visit my page to view over 100 articles on similar topics about increasing your online presence. You may also enjoy the articles I am recommending this month on the topic of Empowering Entrepreneurs.  I look forward to sharing new pieces with you every month.

I would love to hear from you on any of these topics.  I hope you will contact me with your thoughts and comments.

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