I’ve rounded up 4 of my top picks of articles to help solopreneurs make the best use of tools and strategies to help them in their business.

The Magic of Using Testimonials

While it may be a little bit awkward to ask your clients and customers for testimonials, it’s one of the most beneficial things you can do for your small business. As humans, we thrive off of hearing other people’s opinions about various products, services and companies and we tend to spread a positive word about the ones that we truly like. While this strategy may sound a bit old fashioned, it’s a tool that countless business owners and entrepreneurs use constantly to get a positive reputation for their company. Asking those who have worked with your company before to speak positively about their experience truly can draw in more and more potential clients, expand audiences and make your name and business more well known. Still feeling a little strange asking clients to do this? No problem! Check out Andrew Griffiths’ advice for the best ways to understand, receive and use testimonials.

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3 Powerful Reasons to Use Testimonials

Using testimonials throughout the process of building and maintaining your small business is a VERY powerful tool to have, especially if done through video. While putting strength and effort into your marketing and outreach plan is vital to expanding your audiences and client base, providing potential clients with the opportunity to hear from those that have worked with you before will be equally as important! According to author Colin Noonan from Wire Buzz, testimonials will not only build trust and credibility with social proof, but they persuade the mind with emotion and attract readers’ attention by displaying a good story. When people are able to see and hear from others about a certain product, service or company, they tend to feel more comfortable making a decision because they have heard from those who have actually used that product or service. Using video testimonials will help you to strengthen your small business and will turn prospective clients into members of your existing client family.

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A New Way to Assess Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing occurs when a person who has used a good or service goes out of their way to tell others about their experience. This can be done through social media posts, online reviews, videos or even blog posts and believe it or not, not all word-of-mouth marketing is positive! As small business owners and entrepreneurs, it’s incredibly important that we create a positive and impactful experience for our customers because that’s how our companies’ influence will spread and how we will gain recognition and interest in our work. Our anonymous author from Entrepreneur Magazine explains that word-of-mouth marketing can influence a customer to consider a product or service in a way that a normal marketing strategy or not. Humans are more likely to listen to other humans while immersed in the decision making process and if business owners can create a positive experience for current clientele, those people will go into the world and provide others with positive and credible reviews about that product or service.

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4 Types of Social Proofs for Digital Marketers

Social proof is essentially the act of copying someone else’s behavior or decision without putting in the thought of consequences or researching and considering other options. When we hear positive reviews about a product or service from family, friends, coworkers or even celebrities, our brains automatically tell us that we need to indulge in that item too! Convince and Convert contributor Aleh Barysevich tells us that as digital marketers, employing the use of these four types of social proofs is a phenomenal way to encourage word-of-mouth marketing, which will encourage more and more people to flock to our products and services. If you are able to make your products and services actually worth talking about, you’ll find that your client base will continue to grow and expand to new audiences, which will help make your business incredibly successful in the future!

1. Expert Social Proof

2. Celebrity Social Proof

3. User Social Proof

4. Friends’ Social Proof

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