I’ve rounded up 4 of my top picks of articles to help small business owners use testimonials in all of their platforms.

How to Make the Most of Your Customer Testimonials

No matter how compelling you make your copy or how beautifully you present your product, testimonials remain the most effective way to show that the crowd is on your side, and that people who trust you get the results they are promised.

Customer testimonials send strong signals of trust because they’re candid endorsements of your product by the people who actually use your product. Your customers will always be more persuasive than you.

How to Get and Use Testimonials, Referrals and Reviews

If you’re doing a good job but aren’t getting the kind of support you need from your customers, there can only be one reason:
You aren’t asking for it.
The majority of people love to be asked for their opinion – it’s part of our nature.
There are overt and subtle ways to promote yourself using testimonials, reviews, recommendations, and endorsements. Using these as you get them will help your customers feel more confident in you, your team, your product, and your service. It will help them trust you — maybe even predispose them to liking you. Remember: People do business with people they like and trust.

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Great Testimonial

Getting testimonials is one half of the process. Using them correctly is the other half.

Testimonials are powerful, essential and free marketing tools that have always been important. Today they are vital.

Any business that has a legion of raving fans who are prepared to come out and not only share their experience but also recommend that others use this business, has a huge competitive advantage.

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5 Strategies for Using Customer Testimonials to Promote Your Brand

You can get customer online testimonials with very little effort for maximum impact, but keep it informative and helpful – no one wants heavy promotion.

When you’re trying to build a brand, what are you focused on? You promote the product(s) and service(s) all over social media. You connect with potential customers and you attract them with great offers. In fewer words, branding is all about establishing social proof.

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