I’ve rounded up 4 of my top picks of articles to help solopreneurs make the best use of tools and strategies to help them in their business.

Laying Out the Welcome Mat

Making a good first impression is vital to success in the professional world, both through face to face conversations and email interactions. As entrepreneurs, we MUST ensure that our clients feel as comfortable and engaged as possible, as that is going to act as a key factor in the growth and success of our businesses! According to Hubspot contributor Erik Devaney, welcome emails are one of those tools that business owners are unable to go without. From “getting started” to thank you’s to videos and offers, welcome emails will EXCITE clients to start using your business and avoid giving them the feeling that they’re just another viewer on your website. These welcome emails provide current clients with the opportunity to look into the offered products and services and allows potential clients to learn more about your business and how they can use it to their advantage!

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3 Essential Emails For Every Automated Welcome Series

Having an automated welcome series is incredibly important for businesses to have, but there are actually three emails that are going to be essential to each series. Your email contacts should be treated like a new member of your team in that they should be given a friendly and kind welcome with the immediate invitation to connect with you. This is going to be your opportunity to get to know them. These three topics may seem simple at first, but they will actually go far in making your email contacts feel appreciated and welcome to this new brand. These emails can be personalized to each person that you’re writing to and can be customized to reflect the mission and nature of your brand, creating an opportunity for you AND your email contacts to start to learn a bit about one another. Reaching people with welcome emails soon after they subscribe and keeping them engaged in your brand will not only help your brand to grow, but it will also give you the chance to create client relationships with those who chose to learn more about you and your business above everyone else’s.

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Planning the Perfect Email Strategy

Subscribers- These are the people that will bring your business to the highest level of success. When people subscribe to your website, they have taken interest in your brand and are welcoming a new brand into their lives. They are the ones who will pay to use your products and services, so truthfully, without them, we would run into some trouble trying to build our brand and bring in that revenue! We need to make sure that we treat our subscribers with kindness and appreciation and by planning our the perfect automated welcome series, you are already taking the step to make them feel welcome to your website and brand. Welcome emails give you the opportunity to introduce yourself, to talk a little bit about your brand and to prove to your subscribers why your brand is different from competitors’. There are different formats and structures that come with writing welcome emails, which will be key in attracting a wide variety of audiences. When creating an automated welcome series, think about the content you want your subscribers to see, how to convince them to actually click on the welcome email and a format that will be attractive and eye catching! Put yourself into the mindset of the subscriber and create a welcome series that will truly build your subscriber numbers and overall brand.

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email nurture series for the know like trust

Email Nurture Series for Know Like Trust

A nurture series is an automated series of emails that someone receives when they opt-in to receive your emails.

You’ve just returned from an energetic networking event and you have a stack of business cards for folks who have let you know that they’re interested in learning more about you, the services you provide, the products you offer.

The automated nurture sequence is a powerful method to start to build trust with your new contacts and help you to nurture your relationship with them.

Is it easy to do?

Well, honestly – I can tell you that it is ‘simple’ to do, but not necessarily ‘easy’ until you are clear on exactly what you can offer to your new contacts. Then, it’s easy. Super easy. Set-it-and-forget-it easy.

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7 Steps to Create a Welcome Series

Utilizing an automated welcome series for your small business is a vital tool to success, as it provides you with the opportunity to reach ALL of your clients and to give them a first hand look at what your business has to offer. Creating a welcome series may seem difficult because of the vast size and interests of your audience, but it’s actually a lot simpler than one would think! Emma contributor McKenzie Gregory tells us that if we are able to follow these 7 simple steps to creating a welcome series, we will be able to closely interact with our current audience, as well as entice new viewers to subscribe to us. These emails are a chance for entrepreneurs to truly showcase what their work is all about and to interact with the subscribers that are helping their businesses to grow and thrive.

1. Decide the key messages for new subscribers

2. Create a framework for those messages

3. Decide whether to keep new subscribers off your main list until the series is complete

4. Create and set up the emails

5. Watch your results

6. Where should they go next?

7. Receive a high five

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