I’ve rounded up 5 of my top picks of articles to help small business owners master the art of social media to stay top of mind with their clients and potential customers.

A Social Media Strategy is About More Than Just Posting

Connecting to your clients, fellow entrepreneurs and other organizations through social media is one of the most vital tools you can use to grow your small business. By using the best platforms for your respective audiences, knowing your goals through using these networks, using strong content and keeping a strict posting schedule, you’ll have the opportunity to continue developing your brand and to expand your client base further than you ever could have imagined.

Why an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy is Important

With the power of online marketing growing each day, social media is a major tool we have available right at our fingertips. We can share content with all types of audiences and showcase our brands to companies and potential clients all over the world, but it’s the way in which we do this that is even more important.

Having an effective social media strategy not only helps to form strong connections with consumers and increases the awareness of your brand, but this tool also creates a presence that will make your business stand out among countless others.

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5 Proven Social Media Engagement Strategies for 2018

Engaging current and potential clients through social media is a fantastic way to build business relationships, but how, exactly, is this possible? By using the following 5 simple tips and tricks, you’ll have viewers flocking to your business’ social media pages in no time:

1. A is for Ask

2. E is for Expression

3. I is for Incentive

4. O is for Offer

5. U is for Utility

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How to Create a Social Media Strategy + Plan

Creating a social media strategy for your business is extremely beneficial, but also a bit difficult. Designing a strategy that works best for you and your brand is key to forming a powerful social media presence that will stand out among many others. Author James Gurd’s guide to creating the best social media strategy and tactics will help you to overcome the challenge of constructing the best strategy for your brand and will show you how to wisely use the power of social media to further expand your audiences.

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