I’ve rounded up 3 of my top picks of articles to help small business owners make the most of their personal brand.


How to Build a Personal Brand with Content Marketing

More people – some 90% in fact – trust product or service recommendations from people they know, while only 33% trust messages from a brand. When you’re building your personal brand, you’re really becoming a more widely known and trusted individual, rather than a typical brand.

Personal branding and content marketing are a powerful duo when used together. This article shares 7 effective ways you can build a personal brand with content marketing.


How To Make Your Personal Brand Visible With Social Media

We are in the age of the ‘knowledge worker‘ and the days of being an anonymous cog in the wheel of a faceless corporation are fast disappearing. The opportunity to stand out as a personal brand without having to know a politician, grey and grizzled powerbrokers or gnarly gatekeepers is now a reality and it is possible to accelerate the time it takes to make it happen.

Firstly, what are the key elements and the questions that we need to consider to become a visible and effective personal brand?

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The 5 Keys to Building a Social Media Strategy for Your Personal Brand

You’re a brand. I’m a brand. We’re all brands, whether we aim to be or not.

Personal branding, then, is the process of managing and optimizing the way that you are presented to others. 

And social media is one of the keys (if not the biggest key) to managing your personal brand online.

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You Need a Personal Brand to Grow Your Business Brand.

Start with your “WHY” – your passion, your mission, will speak louder than your other business ‘branding’ efforts

Have fun.

Tell your story.

Share your face… visible.

Personal branding allows you to grow your business more effectively and more efficiently.

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