Today’s “Rise Above The Noise” Topic:
Three Principles to Becoming Organized

  • Simplify
  • Let go of perfection
  • Set up systems that work for you
Organized Entrepreneur

Joann Krall
The Sensible Organizer

Simplify, Let Go of Perfectionism and Finding Systems that work for you.

First off, Susan shares her digital marketing tip of the week – 4 Ideas for Your Holiday Marketing Campaign. You can access the download here:

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Then, Joann Krall – The Sensible Organizer – shares her three principals to becoming an organized business owner. Joann offers a full range of confidential services delivered virtually using video conferencing. With a focus on supporting you, judgement-free, she creates an individualized strategy and step-by-step plan for you to address even the most challenging organizational issues. You might be interested to know that Joann tells us that her superpower is Empathy. She feels this is what is one of her differentiating features as a professional organizer. Listen to find out how this helps Joann in the work she does.

Tips Joann covers in this video:

1: Simplify: This part of the process should be its own piece of the process. Don’t think about systems or organizing. Simply purge – get rid of stuff -clear space for possibility.

2: Let go of Perfectionism: Chip away at a few things each day while you’re simplifying.

3: Create Systems: Make sure you realize what your ‘stuff’ personality is. Are you a piler? An avoider? A purger? A stasher?

You can take a quiz on Joann’s website to help you determine your ‘keeper’ style.

Listen here to Joann’s simple tips for organizing your workspace and paper flow.

Joann’s favorite book: “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown.

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