outsourcing social mediaDon’t get me wrong.  Nothing – absolutely nothing – will ever replace the real-time, real-life engagement on social media.  Your personal or business brand will always depend on the interactions that your business has with its clients and customers.

That said, there is an amazing power in creating and pre-posting branded and relevant posts on your social media platforms.  When these planned posts fill up a content calendar, it frees you to use your talents and time to create deeper content, deeper relationships and follow your own passion and goals, without being side-railed.

When you are involved with the day-to-day running of your own business, you may already be overwhelmed with the stress with other daily tasks. Trying to navigate social media platforms, strategies and engagement often adds to the frustration of not being able to  “get it all done”

A social media professional will have the skills and tools needed to streamline the process, provide relevant feedback to clients, and measure the results of actions taken on your behalf.

Social Media Marketing can be time-consuming, confusing and a little frustrating!

What takes so long?

  • Learning to navigate the various social media channels
  • Finding info to post
  • Creating content to post
  • Responding to comments, likes and shares

too many hats

As the business owner, you may be struggling to keep up with many tasks of running your business. By outsourcing your social media, you will free yourself up to concentrate on the other areas of your business. (and gain a brand-advocate at the same time)

Social media, done correctly, is an ongoing process, throughout the day, every day.  The learning curve for using each of the platforms correctly can also take a bit of time.  A social media professional will be able to jump right in to optimize your channels and provide input for posting strategies.

How Do I Know It’s Working?

Do you review your Google Analytics to gauge the effects of your efforts?  Have you examined your Facebook Insights to find out which of your posts have been successful, and why?  When you partner with a social media professional, you will have access to regular feedback on your social media and other online efforts.

How Can I Reach My Own Audience?

Believe it or not, social media may or not be reaching all of the people who you think it should be reaching. Sometimes, Facebook will only show your post to a small percentage of your business page followers.  In addition to your social media channels, consider using a monthly newsletter to Be a Resource  and to help guide your followers to content that may be useful and interesting to them.

Taken step-by-step, and guided by a professional, you will find that social media marketing can actually by a quite pleasant experience if it is worked out ahead of time and put into place properly.  By working with a pro, you will learn the tips and tricks to successful planning and implementation.  Skip the time-consuming and frustrating parts of the learning process. Jump right in with a program that will begin to show results sooner.

Online presence is my happy place – Partnering with small businesses  to help them implement, build and maintain their online presence is my mission.  If you are thinking about learning more about either outsourcing or in-house training for your online presence, please contact me for a quick chat.


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