Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
Living Your True Self Through the Power of Color

Shirley Zaccheo
Image Consultant
You & Improved

First, I’ll give my digital marketing tip of the week on email marketing.

Here’s the link to access the free Workbook: Your Next 10 Newsletters – templates, tips, and guide to save you time and connect with your audience.

Then Shirley Zaccheo, of You & Improved, gives us some great info on color and how you can maximize your best 7-second image.

Color Has Energy!

Shirley tells us what our connections are to color and how to use it to our fullest potential for success. Certain, colorful moments in life are like seeds planted that come back to us – in a connected way.

And, Our personal image is contently evolving!

How we can harness our color story to our personal and professional successes. Shirley tells us that these three elements will all come together and have you seeing a more colorful world around you!

Some of my takeaways:

~ Color has energy
~ YOU are your brand – no matter what you do, where you go, who you’re with.
~ When you identify your signature colors – your power colors – your energy reflects off of others and bounces back at you.
~ Most of communication is non-verbal – so make sure you’re taking advantage of your appearance, your handshake, how you hold yourself.

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