Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:

Being Powerfully Productive

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Margo Crawford
Productivity Coach

First, Susan offers her digital marketing tip of the week –


It doesn’t have to be complicated – no bells or whistles necessary – but, for sure, set your email server up to automatically include your contact info at the bottom of every email. You can even change it out once in a while to put a spotlight on an upcoming event or service offer.

Email signatures add to the professional appearance of your communications while allowing your contacts an easy way to reach you when they need to.

Next, Productivity Coach Margo Crawford of Wave Productivity:

Margo’s superpower is creating thriving workspaces by increasing focus, productivity, and success. She works with clients to create creative, effective solutions for their life and work.

Wave Productivity has helped many professionals create and sustain a productive work environment. From paper and email management to information flow and productivity, Margo is experienced in different methodologies enabling her to create tailored programs for her clients.

Margo starts us off by inviting us to take a look around in our workspace – does your desk, office, represent who you really are? If a potential client were to step into your space, would they feel confident in your ability to keep on task?

Find ONE thing that you can let go of. Anything…’ll naturally keep going and find more to purge.  It may be easier to work with a friend or a professional organizer.

Here are some more of Margo’s productivity tips:

Consider setting a timer for 20 minutes. If you can get over the first 5 minutes – you might find your flow and continue. Shorter bursts of work vs feeling like it’s such a HUGE project – can help move your forward. And decide what the next smallest step you can take that will move you forward.

Break down the project so that you see the tasks – not the whole project.

Feeling overwhelmed and like you’re not making progress? Confused on how to move forward toward your goals? Take a few moments to consider:

What worked well?
What didn’t?
What can you learn from your success or from your challenge? How will you move forward?

Overwhelmed? Make a general “to-do list” with everything on it. THEN- make a post-it note with the top 3 things to do today that are revenue-generating. What are the 3 things you can do today to move you closer to your long term business goals?

Who is in your tribe that you know that you can turn to to chat it out – help you recenter?

Get more from Margo:

Visit to access all of the super-helpful articles Margo offers on her blog.

You can also, download her free ebook: How to Learn, Change and Control Your Workday. A guidebook to understanding your productivity challenges.

You are invited to schedule a free 30-minute consultation – find the form on the website or email Margo directly

Margo’s Favorite Quote:

“Our minds are not a warehouse….our minds are a factory ” David Allen

One more yummy tip from Margo-
HALT – if you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired – DO NOT POST -you might not show up as professional as you’d want to

(*) Susan points out that the “Rise Above Noise” Mastermind Circles are designed to address these issues. The “Virtual Board of Directors” becomes involved and invested in the group members’ goals. The learning modules bring them to the table from where they are to the ‘next step’ in their marketing journey – but they do it together. The accountability partner design of the program keeps the circle members mindful of their commitment to their own progress.

Curious? I’m currently interview candidates for the upcoming Journey beginning mid-June. Contact me for more information.