Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
4 Principles for Financial Clarity

Ean Price Murphy
Founder, Owner
Moxie Bookkeeping

My digital tip for this week will be a welcome one for anyone who is addicted to learning, as I am. I’ll give you a tool to speed up video on Facebook or other non-YouTube platforms so you can get more learning in in less time.

The Chrome web store app: Video Speed Controller is key!

Then, my conversation with Ean Price Murphy, owner of Moxie Bookkeeping.

Ean told me that her superpower is taking the fear and frustration out of finance.

Honestly, listening to her talk about her processes and her deep understanding of the challenges and fears of small business owners, she actually made me even think that I could someday feel calm and in control of my finances and my bookkeeping.

The 4 Principles for Financial Clarity:

1: Question every expense
2: Experience the benefits of giving every dollar a home
3: Pay yourself first (via the Profit account), then fund the other accounts
4: Make a money date with yourself.

Listen to the full interview to experience the same sense of calm and hope that I did while talking with Ean.

Ean invites you to join her Profit First for Creatives Facebook Page.

Ean founded Moxie in 2003 to work with creative businesses and nonprofits – companies run by people deeply engaged with their work but frequently not comfortable with numbers, or aware of the systems required to be successful. Moxie’s core offering is the organization of financial information, informed by Ean’s own first-hand knowledge of being a small business owner. Ean is a Xero Platinum Partner, a certified business coach, and a Mastery level Profit First Professional. .

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