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Purpose: Power: Prosperity
Break through blocks to freely walk in your purpose

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Kendra Woods
Mindset Strategist to Ambitious Women

First, Susan gives her digital marketing tip of the week. This week, it’s not exactly digital – but more general. The advice is to find the ONE thing and do that. Do it well. Do it CONSISTENTLY. Too often, folks get overwhelmed by trying to do it all and they end up doing nothing well – or getting frustrated by results and wanting to give up. I promise you… up consistently in one area at a time, and you will see results.

Today’s guest is Kendra Woods of

As a Life + Mindset Coach, Author, and Speaker, Kendra’s mission is to encourage, inspire and empower women to become unstuck and unstoppable in their lives by breaking through their limiting beliefs and fully accepting their worth.

Some of the highlights from this week’s interview (so good!):

~~ “Most of us learn that what we see in front of us is ‘truth’ – we form beliefs and thoughts – we forget that we get to form our own “truth“”

~~ Common mindset blocks (Mind gremlins) – our negative self-talk…..are we consciously observing how we are talking to ourselves. Get off the self-fulfilling prophecy treadmill. Take note of when you are bad-talking to yourself in your mind…..Write them down. Later on…. look at that, figure out what that’s all about.

~ ~ Consistency: Journal daily – tap into what’s in your beliefs – recognize them for what they are. Be curious about what you find. Release it- get it out of your system. Create space to add back in what you intend to work on.

~~ A Morning routine can be the most important thing you do all day. Work on your agenda first! (hint: it doesn’t have to be in the morning…as long as you put some time aside for your own agenda)

~~ Your emotions are a gift.…they will tell you when you are in alignment with the work you are doing, your actions. That feeling helps you recognize if you are in alignment. Start paying attention to how you are feeling throughout the day. Don’t judge your emotions – recognize them as indicators for what’s going on in your life at that moment.

Kendra offers a free “Journal for Clarity – 5-day mini course” AND she offers a 60-minute clarity coaching call. Learn more on her website: