Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
Put Your STRENGTHS to Work for YOU.

play video - anne lipsitz - strengths in business growth

Anne Lipsitz
Career and Transition Coach

First off – after gathering myself following a morning of interesting experiences and insights, I offer a couple of quick tips on how to claim autonomy over your time and energy when it comes to responding to the bells, whistles, buzzes, prompts, and notifications that is our every day in the digital world.
Set boundaries.
Shut off notifications.
Use timers.
Respect your own time and energy.

Next – I have the honor of chatting with Anne Lipsitz.

Anne is a Career and Transition Coach. Her SuperPower is helping people use their strengths so they can confidently tell their stories to move forward on their intended journey.

Anne talks about how you can understand and maximize your strengths to start focusing on what naturally makes you powerful and unique.
The tools and discussions she utilizes help you discover what you naturally do best. The Gallup Strengths assessment allows you to use your customized results to live your best life.

How would it feel to confidently answer “Tell Me About Yourself”? 

Check this out – I had a tech blip where my computer simply shut off for no reason at all. Anne was the consummate professional and kept on keeping on in her flow about her dedication to helping people identify their strengths and their “barriers” and figuring out how to work within those.

Yikes – then we share the results of MY Gallup Strengths assessment. You guys who have known me for a while – you can speed up if you’d like to get to about 20 minutes into the recording and – no kidding – see how SPOT ON the assessment got me! (almost eerily so – and, hmmmm so much to think about here).

Interested in your strengths? Visit to find a link to access the assessment, then, schedule your free 30 minutes with Anne to deep dive into the results! You will be so happy you did!

FYI – I am so very proud to have partnered with Anne for my clients. Anyone who signs on to any of my 3-month programs will receive a free Gallup Strengths assessment and discovery call with Anne. I am convinced that this is the perfect place to begin as we create an online presence that is authentic to you and works with your own strengths and barriers.