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You’ve Gotta Scale to Grow Your Business

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Brigid Ward
Online Business Manager & Launch Strategist

First off, Susan talks about her big audacious goal of giving yogis, energy healers, lightworkers, the tools and strategies to SHOW UP on social media and other digital platforms so they are able to bring peace, healing, community to those they are meant to serve. Strategies will protect your energy – increase your audience – help you attract more clients…..and to attract more like-minded practitioners to amplify the message.

Then – Hold on tight……

Brigid Ward is here to talk about her 3 pillars that an entrepreneur MUST strengthen in order to grow their business:

Here are Brigid’s notes:
Want to hit 6 figures?

Then you’ve got to start scaling your business to set yourself up for success.

I used to work with newbie entrepreneurs and now I work solely with entrepreneurs who are super close to hitting 6 figures or even 7 figures for some.

And what I’ve seen along the way is that the BEST way to reach and hit 6 figures is to set yourself up and start scaling your business early on.

And the way you need to do that is 3 fold:

Here are the key things you’ve got to start to implement into your biz if you want to hit 6 figures

I see WAY too many entrepreneurs who refuse to hire a virtual assistant (VA) for simple tasks like emails, social media, research, setting up blog posts etc. I kid you not I have 5 plus people who work for me in various capacities. And I love paying them. I know paying them is not only helping them but it’s helping me, and my clients.

1. Start by hiring a VA for 10 hours a month:

If you can’t afford 200-300 a month then you can’t afford to run your business. All those things you could be doing won’t ever get done if you don’t do this first step. I guarantee you aren’t good at selling, updating your website, writing copy, sending emails, and handling all the tech stuff.
If you have a mindset that you can’t spend the money then you will never succeed. Now in saying this, I am NOT saying you should then go and hire everything out and go into debt. I have see this happen too and it simply doesn’t work. It’s super powerful to know how to do all the things in your business yourself BUT you don’t want to do them all….ALL the time.
If you are finally making at least $30k a year then it’s time to hire your first person. Bottom line!

And don’t tell me nobody can do it as well as you can. Trust me, I used to believe that too, but get over yourself. They can and they will. Plus you need to think about what your hourly rate is vs. what your virtual assistant’s hourly rate is. And does it make sense for you to be scheduling emails etc?

2. I want you to invest Systems and Create processes.

I know sooo fun. Trust me when I tell you, this is the LEAST FAVORITE thing to do, but it’s the Most powerful piece of the puzzle.

I have to be honest, I am tired of hearing entrepreneurs say they can’t afford to invest in Active Campaign or ConvertKit. Or they refuse to get Dubsado or 17 Hats. I can’t emphasize enough, these systems will save you so much time and money in the long run. They are worth the investment. Yes, they are an investment initially but building a true biz and not a hobby then it’s necessary. Tell me, what’s your time worth.
I will be honest, I used to do my contracts manually, and send emails manually etc. And I kid you not it would take almost an hour every time I set up a contract and get the email and invoice sent. Once invested in Dubsado I literally set up all the emails, the contract templates, I added a questionnaire, reminder emails for if they miss their payment etc. It’s all automatic and it’s all done. It now takes me like 5 minutes to get a contract set up and sent out.
This is what it all comes down to. You want to save your time. Remember your time is MONEY!!!
And I think many entrepreneurs forget this piece.

Think about if you could streamline your process for onboarding a new client and free up an extra hour to work on money making tasks? Did you know that you should be spending 80% of your time (let me repeat this number) 80% of your time on money making tasks?

…Here are some of the systems you should absolutely acquire to have….Email system (AC/CK), Contract/Invoice, Project Management system, getting your biz email set up…GSuite etc.

The next piece of this puzzle is to start to create SOPS (standard operating procedures). This is something you can ultimately hand off to your first hire so they know exactly what to do and how to do it. So there should never be any guesswork along the way.
And creating an SOP doesn’t have to be super difficult. You can use loom (free browser plugin) to record your screen and walk through how to do key pieces from your business.
How to send an email
How to respond to Customer service inquiries
How to post a blog post
How to repurpose content
How to post to social media

3. Mindset.:

I know this may not seem like a big deal to you, bu this is super important. I work with entrepreneurs managing their teams, marketing, project managing etc. But yet one of the other pieces I often have to support them in, is mindset. Especially around making money. It’s ALL about mindset. I don’t care what anyone says. you can do all the other bits and pieces that I mentioned already, but if you have a mindset that your biz isn’t worthy, or you can’t afford to hire someone or you can’t ever ask for $1000 a month or $5k a month for your offerings you will never be successful.

Because in order to hit the infamous $100,000 a year number, you must be making $8333 each and every month. And this has to happen for 12 months in a row. I have seen some people who hit their first $8333 month and they think GREAT I’ve done it. And technically they haven’t. They have to do it over and over and over again for 12 months. And your brain has a way of playing tricks on your, so that’s why it’s so important to be working on your mindset day in and day out from the very beginning.”

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