shebreathes balance and wellness studio, yoga and more

The  Mission of SheBreathes Balance & Wellness Studio, Walpole, MA: 

Promote the importance of self-care for balance, health, and wellness and teach women to love and honor themselves.

Create a welcoming environment for women to gather, learn from, share with each other, grow individually and be inspired by the experience of women supporting other women in search of their own transformation.

Establish a collaborative of professionals in the fields of health & wellness, life balance, education and the arts in order to promote their gifts, and strengthen their connection with the community.

I work with other advisors in the circle to market and promote the offerings at this unique establishment. I lend my expertise in digital marketing to empower and educate the small business owners in our Collaborative. I have the great honor of meeting with the other like-minded business professionals for idea generation, support, and inspiration to grow and improve our businesses.