By now, you know how much I enjoy using the various digital marketing platforms, tools, and strategies to empower small business owners to take control of their online presence.
Whether consulting on a website redesign, creating e-newsletters, working on a social media strategy, or analyzing insights on the various platforms, what is of topmost priority is ensuring that the client’s brand and message are consistent and that we can clearly convey what differentiates them from all the others.That is….. IF they’ve determined what it is exactly that differentiates themselves from all the others.

Recently, I participated in a 3-month small-group business training. There were 12 of us in these 3-hour sessions. Working together at our sessions, and then independently outside of the group, we worked on a”6 Steps to Small Business Results” framework:

  1. Commitment
  2. Focused Daily Results
  3. Differentiate and Marketing
  4. Relationship Building
  5. Managing Emotions
  6. Accountability

My #1 takeaway from the training as it applies to the work that I do with my clients was

Step Number 3: Differentiate and Marketing

I already knew that the marketing piece was a challenge for most small business owners.
These are the questions I hear over and over again:

  • How can I tell if my website is getting traffic? How can I get more traffic?
  • Which social media platforms should I be on? How much time should I spend on them?
  • How do I keep in touch with current contacts? How can I expand my audience?

But – what I learned from working with the group is that before we start investing time and money into the marketing, all of us need to work on boiling down our essential message.

If there were 20 other people in the same profession as you and 1 ideal client all in the same room, why you?

We absolutely, positively have to think about what differentiates us and learn how to communicate that to others.

All of us in that room worked hard at creating our “Defining Statement” based upon the questions “Who do you work with?” and “What do you do for them?” This will lead to people saying “How do you do that?” We wrote, refined, rewrote, refocused, wrote again until each of us had a statement that clearly illustrated our ‘zone of genius’.

My “AHA” came when I realized that The Defining Statement is the key to successfully designing a digital marketing strategy for any small business. Once the owner is crystal clear on the WHO and the WHAT and can move easily on to the HOW, the online platforms can be optimally utilized to reach exactly the right audience with exactly the right messages.

Do you have a strong defining statement? I thought I did. I thought most of the folks in my training group did, too. But, once we took the time to work together to identify the exact WHO and WHAT, we realized that we’d armed ourselves with an actual superpower to bring along with us.

You know me – I am a CONNECTOR – and I believe that through community we grow. The value in the workshop that I attended was not solely developing my message and my goals – it was the relationships we built in the room as we shared, advised, laughed and …. shared some more. In addition to fine-tuning and jump-starting our business progress, we also created a crazy strong Know, Like, Trust alliance within our group.

My advice to any small business owner would be to prioritize creating that kind of alliance with other small business owners.

Whether you meet weekly or monthly, in person or via screens, create a core group of ‘advisors’ who know you well, understand your goals and challenges, and are dedicated to helping all of the group members in their success. This would be an accountability group of sorts, but at a higher level with common knowledge of the business growth strategies they’ve opted to follow together.

Do you have a strong defining statement? How did you finally create it?
Share your statement with me, I’d love to include it in an upcoming blog on that topic.

My defining statement, you ask?

I work with small business owners who want an investigative, smart approach to successful business development online.

The following is what I used to use as my introduction – Now I see it’s just too wordy and really belongs in the “How do you do that?” part of a business discussion. But I really like it, so I left it here for you to read.

As a digital marketing strategist, my focus is on empowering small business owners and independent professionals with an arsenal of tips, tools, resources, and strategies that enable them to connect and engage with their targeted audience in meaningful ways. I consider myself a loyal partner, a patient teacher, and a fierce advocate for my clients.

I am honored to have resources to be able to offer a business owner the knowledge, the tools and a support system to grow their business through digital marketing strategy.

Let’s talk about your digital marketing challenges.
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