Have you reached that point? Have you ever said “Who has the time to manage a Facebook or Twitter account?”  Have you said it enough times that you are finally ready to consider using a social media coach or hiring social media services.  If so, I am sure that the first question you had to ask was, “How much will social media services cost?”

Cost of Social Media Services
And of course, as always, the answer is “It depends”.  You see, social media marketing, inbound marketing and digital communications help can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  You would really need to take a look at what it is your company wants and needs.

What are your goals for your social media journey?  Are you trying to build brand awareness?  Will you be trying to engage an audience to build a community? Is your goal to generate sales or leads?  Will you be utilizing your personal brand to build your business brand?  Will others in your organization be taking ownership of any parts of the program?

When I begin to work with a new business partner, these are only a portion of the topics we cover in building their personalized inbound marketing program.  I really need to get a full picture of the scope of a project as we work together to prioritize each piece of the project. What are the goals and objectives of the organization? Will they be using in-house talent to carry on the project after its initial set-up? Are the current online presence and marketing efforts working in some aspects but not in others?  My priority is to make the process and its individual components crystal clear to the partner. In this way, the business owner has full control over the resources we utilize to build their personalized campaign. So you see, the total amount of how much social media services cost vary according to each business’ individual requirements.

I recently found a few articles online that listed the pricing for various social media services. The range was incredibly wide for most of the services. Blogging is one of the absolute best ways to beef up your SEO, and is most effective when created by someone who is a talented writer yet who can work in the appropriate keywords. Blogging services seem to vary between $75- $250 per blog post.  It seems that the range for social media coaching falls between $75 – $300/hour and seems to depend on the coach’s experience. Social media program implementation seems to vary between $50-$200/hour.

Before you hire someone to help you build your online presence through inbound marketing, social media, or local seo, make sure that they have given you every bit of information that you ask for.  Don’t allow anyone to throw so many buzz words and acronyms at you that your own head starts to buzz.  Be sure that you feel comfortable asking questions.  Find out how the provider keeps track of the work they do on your behalf.  Are they willing to train you or someone else on your team to take over any portions of the project?  If so, do you feel as though they would be a patient teacher?

As with so many things in life and in business, you certainly will get what you pay for when you hire the person with the skills to get results and who understands your requirements.

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